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Jellies in lime zest: the recipe for simple and original mini desserts

Jellies in lime zest: the recipe for simple and original mini desserts

The jellies in lime zest they are gods summer desserts fast and original, a scenographic preparation ready in a short time and that will surprise your guests. To make them you will need only 3 ingredients: lime, cherry syrup e jelly, a vegetable gelling agent used for the preparation of puddings and jellies. In our recipe we have given our jellies the shape of small watermelonscompleting the preparation by adding Chia seeds, to simulate the seeds. Making these jellies is very simple and the final effect is guaranteed: here’s how to do it in a few steps.

You can replace the cherry syrup with that of strawberries or with the syrup you have available, also based on the desired final effect.

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How to make jellies in lime zest

Cut the limes in half and empty them 1.

Place the shell on shot glasses to keep them in place 2.

Mix some cherry syrup with the agar agar 3 and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Pour the syrup into the saucepan 4add the gelatin and mix well until it reaches a boil.

Pour the gelatin mixture into the lime peels 5. Let it rest for 3 hours to solidify.

Cut the lime into slices 6 and decorate with chia seeds.

The lime peel jellies are ready to be enjoyed 7.


You can store the jellies in the lime zest in the refrigerator for 2 dayscovered with cling film or inside an airtight container.

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