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Katsu sando: the recipe for the typical Japanese sandwich from the Easy Gourmet section

Katsu sando: the recipe for the typical Japanese sandwich from the Easy Gourmet section

Il Katsu Sando it’s a Japanese sandwich stuffed with tonkatsua breaded pork cutlet, topped with an aromatic sauce and enjoyed between two slices of bread, a recipe made for us by chef Michele Ghedini for the address book Easy Gourmet.

The word Katsu is the contraction of katsuretsuwhich means “cutlet”, while the word Shirt is an Eastern abbreviation of sandwich. To make this particular and delicious sandwich, you can use pork loin or coppawhich will be breaded in egg, flour and panko, fried and then sandwiched between two slices of bread toasted. To make Katsu Sando even richer and tastier, chef Ghedini added, in addition to salsa tonkatsuthick and spicy, too mustard e cabbage. Consumalo come single dish for a quick lunch or for a brunch with friends.

If you are missing some ingredients, you can replace the panko with the classic bread crumbs and cabbage with the iceberg saladyou can also make a lighter breading using only the album.

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12_katsudon servito_katsudon © Gooduria lab


Seed oil for frying)

How to prepare Katsu Sando

Mix the sugar with the soy sauce, ketchup and worchester sauce to create your tonkatsu sauce (1).
Season the meat with salt and pepper (2). Pass the meat first in the flour and then in the egg (3).

Bread it in the panko, making it stick well 4. Fry in hot oil for about 7 minutes: we recommend a temperature of about 170 ° C 5. Toast the slices of bread in the oven and drizzle with mustard, coleslaw and salsa 6.

Add fried meat, spread more sauce 7 and close your toast well 8. Eliminate the edges (nothing is thrown away, everything is eaten). Cut and serve. Katsu Sando is ready to be enjoyed 9.


It is advisable to consume Katsu Sando immediately after preparationto enjoy it at its best.

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