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Lady’s kisses with coconut: the recipe for delicious and fragrant sweets

Lady’s kisses with coconut: the recipe for delicious and fragrant sweets

I coconut kisses they are gods treats delicious and fragrant, a variant of the classic Piedmontese pastries that does not involve the use of hazelnuts. In our recipe we made the dough with flour, eggs, seed oil, sugar, salt and baking powder. After cooking in the oven, we have stuffed the sweets with jam instead of the classic chocolate and then covered the lady’s kisses in grated coconut. Once ready, you can serve the coconut kisses for the Breakfast and the snackwith a cup of tea or coffee, or as delicious dessert at the end of the meal. Here’s how to prepare them in a few simple steps.

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Baking powder for cakes

For the filling

Red food coloring

How to prepare coconut kisses

Beat the eggs with the salt, granular sugar and vanilla sugar 1. Add the seed oil 2 and keep stirring. Combine the flour a little at a time 3.

Combine the baking powder and knead 4 until a compact dough is obtained 5. Make balls and flatten them slightly 6.

Place the balls on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 180 ° C for 25 minutes 7. Cook the jam with a few drops of red food coloring in the saucepan 8. Brush the jam over the cookies 9.

Prepare the lady’s kisses, brush the surface with jam 10 and pass the biscuits in the grated coconut 11. The coconut kisses are ready to be served 12.


You can keep coconut kisses for 4-5 days inside an airtight container.

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