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Lemon vodka: recipe and preparation of the thirst-quenching long drink

Lemon vodka: recipe and preparation of the thirst-quenching long drink

He lemon vodka it’s a classic cocktail summery, fresh and aromatic, where the thirst-quenching virtues of lemonade and the strong flavor of Vodka. Only two ingredients, therefore, for a simple and essential but rather strong long drink: the alcohol content is in fact equal to 36.8%while the caloric intake is around 120 calories per glass.

Being very easy to prepare, it is a cocktail that even the less experienced can reproduce at home, choosing to do it with a barely alcoholic base to taste it during a aperitif afternoon, or more intense for a after dinner with friends. The doses of lemon vodka can therefore vary: we start from a 1:2 ratio of vodka to lemonade make a light drink, until equal parts for a stronger cocktail.

We used fresh lemonade in our recipe, but you can use lemonade instead Lemon soda, a soft drink also used in Lemon Gin. Find out how to make a lemon vodka professionally by following the procedure and tips, and if you like vodka-based cocktails also try a very fresh Caipiroska, a colorful and delicious Sex on the beach or a thirst-quenching Moscow Mule to serve with. a slice of cucumber or ginger.

How to make lemon vodka

To prepare lemon vodka, start by preparing one of its ingredients, lemonade. To obtain the 70 ml needed for the recipe, squeeze half a lemon with a citrus press and strain the juice into a glass. Then add a level teaspoon of sugar and 50 ml of water and mix 1.

The lemon vodka is prepared directly in a highball or a tall tumbler, two of the most used cocktail glasses: put 6-7 ice cubes in the glass, pour the vodka and the fresh lemonade 2 and mix everything together with a bar spoon.

Finally, garnish with a slice of lemon and, if desired, add a few mint leaves. Your lemon vodka is ready to serve 3.


If you don’t have fresh lemons available to make lemonade, you can replace it with Lemon Soda: for the dose of vodka indicated, you will need 15 cl.

To give lemon vodka a bitter aftertaste, you can add 2 parts of Lemon Schweppes. To flavor it, however, you can crush a few mint or sage leaves at the bottom of the glass before pouring the vodka.

In addition to lemon slices, you can also use berries for decoration.

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