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Meat cutlets in sauce: the recipe for the second typical Sunday dish

Meat cutlets in sauce: the recipe for the second typical Sunday dish

That of meat cutlets it is a typical recipe of certain regions of the Campania and of Puglia.

Neapolitan cutlets and cutlets from Puglia are not identical in all respects, but what we offer you is the classic recipe, appreciated everywhere.

The main ingredients of this dish are the meat slices and the sauce. According to tradition, this dish is served at the table on Sundays, when you gather with the family, but it is in fact perfect for all occasions.

To prepare them, you don’t need great culinary skills, above all you need patience: so that the rolls are cooked to perfection and the taste of the meat goes well with that of the sauce, you have to simmer the heart for almost two hours.

Here are the steps to follow.

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Meat rolls in a pan


Slices of veal

How to prepare meat chops

Put the garlic, parsley and cheese on the slices of veal. Fold the two long sides towards the center and roll up, starting with the short side. Secure the rolls with toothpicks.

Brown the celery, carrots and leek in a skillet. Add the meat rolls and cook them on all sides.

Deglaze with red wine and season with salt and pepper.

Pour in the tomato purée and cook covered for about 1h30.

Serve the veal rolls with the cooking sauce.


Do not abuse the quantities of red winebecause otherwise the alcohol will not completely evaporate, and the dish will taste too strong and unpleasant.


If there are any left, store the chops in a airtight containerbut don’t forget to consume them within 2 days at most.

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