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Mexican buñuelos: the recipe for sweet pancakes with sugar and cinnamon

Mexican buñuelos: the recipe for sweet pancakes with sugar and cinnamon

I messicani frittersalso known as knee fritters for the way the dough was rolled out in ancient times – spreading it on the knees, in Spanish knees – they are Sweet pancakes typical of Christmas time but often also prepared on the occasion of Carnevale. It is one street food sold in the many stalls that are set up in Mexico during the holidays, where you can find both flat and round, similar to the fritters of the carnival, which, in the more elaborate versions, in the shape of a flower. We have chosen to create this spectacular shape, for pancakes that are beautiful to look at as well as delicious.

To prepare the buñuelos you will need flour, milk, eggs, a little butter and a little sugar: the dough will not have to rise because we will use the baking powder for cakes, instant. The result will be a fairly thick batter which, once dipped in seed oil with the help of a mold, will create pancakes that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The last step involves rolling the still hot pancakes into a mix of sugar and cinnamon, which will make them fragrant and even more delicious. Alternatively, you can dress the buñuelos with del miele or with one sweet syrup flavored with cinnamon, anise e cloves.

Also native to Latin America are Colombian buñuelos, tasty round pancakes made with cheese. But here’s how to make these Mexican pancakes in minutes.


Baking powder for cakes

Seed oil for frying)

How to prepare the buñMexican uelos

In a bowl, mix the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar, then add the eggs, water, melted butter and vanilla extract. 1.

Pour in the milk a little at a time 2 and mix again to get a smooth mixture.

Dip a flower-shaped mold into the batter 3.

Dip the mold into boiling oil, waiting a few seconds for the dough to solidify and then letting it cook until golden brown 4.

Dip the still hot pancakes in the cinnamon and sugar 5.

Serve and messicani fritters 6.


Mexican buñuelos should be eaten immediately after cookingstill warm and fragrant.

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