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Mini corn dog: the recipe for American street food

Mini corn dog: the recipe for American street food

I mini corn dog they are simple and delicious snacks, one street food americano are stick based on sausage dipped in batter e fried until golden brown. Prepare them as tasty antipasto or serve them for a aperitif o one buffet. To make them we prepared the batter with flour, corn starch, instant yeast, sugar, egg, milk and flavorings. The mini frankfurters will then be stuck on skewers, passed in batter and fried, ready to be enjoyed with ketchup, mayonnaise or with your favorite sauces.

How to make mini corn dogs

Combine the flour, cornstarch, instant yeast, sugar, salt, pepper, egg, milk in a bowl and mix to make the batter. Put the mini frankfurters on the skewers. Flour them and dip them into the batter. Heat the oil and fry the skewers in the browning. The mini corn dogs are ready to be enjoyed.


It is advisable to consume corn dogs immediately after preparation to enjoy them hot and fragrant.

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