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Mini ice cream pancakes: the recipe for easy and delicious cold cakes

Mini ice cream pancakes: the recipe for easy and delicious cold cakes

I mini gelato pancakes they are simple and delicious sweets, ready in a short time, ideal for one snack delicious or to serve as an original dessert at the end of the meal. To make them we prepared the pancake mixture with sugar, eggs, milk, flour, vanilla extract and baking powder. From the compound we will then obtain gods mini pancake to cook in the pan for a few minutes. Once ready they will be stuffed with whipped Cream and decorated with chopped hazelnuts e melted chocolate. Then a few hours of rest in the fridge, before tasting them. Making them is very simple: here’s how.

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Baking powder for cakes

How to make mini ice cream pancakes

Put in a bowl mix the sugar with the eggs, vanilla extract, milk, flour and baking powder 1.

Mix with an electric mixer until the mixture is smooth 2.

Pour the batter in small portions into the oiled pan 3.

Cook the mini pancakes on both sides 4.

Whip the cream with the sugar 5.

Fill the pancakes with whipped cream 6

Pass the pancakes in the chopped hazelnuts and pour the melted chocolate over them 7.

Let it harden in the fridge for 1-2 hours before serving. The mini pancake ice creams are ready to be enjoyed 8.


You can store the mini ice cream pancakes in the refrigerator for 1 dayinside an airtight container.

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