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Moscow Mule: the original cocktail recipe, history and variations

Moscow Mule: the original cocktail recipe, history and variations

He Moscow Mule it’s a cocktail based on Vodka, ginger beer e lime juice among the best known and most popular in the world. It’s a long drink refreshing and not too alcoholic in which the strong flavor of the Ginger contained in ginger beer, ideal for a aperitif accompanied by mixed aperitifs but also for a after dinner summer evenings. Although the name Moscow Mule can be translated as “muscovite muleor “Moscow mule”, the origins of the cocktail are American: in fact it seems to have been born in New York from the chance meeting of three entrepreneurs.

Preparing it at home is very simple, as long as you know the tips that professional bartenders use, from the doses to respect to the tools necessary for the preparation, to the best glass to use. To make a perfect Moscow Mule, you will first need one copper mugthe slightly domed mug in which the cocktail is traditionally served, then a jiggerthe hourglass-shaped measuring cup used to measure the ingredients of mixed cocktails, and, for an impeccable result, also a save the limes which will help you extract and filter the juice from citrus fruits.

Over the years, different versions of the drink have been proposed, with for example the addition of angostura, a bitter made from aromatic herbs, or cucumber, which enhances its freshness. However, we offer you the Recipe original of the Moscow Mule broadcast by the IBA, the International Association of Bartenders. After trying it, you can experiment with other famous cocktails that are easy to prepare at home, such as Mojito, Spritz or Martini.

How to prepare the Moscow Mule

Start making the Moscow Mule by filling a copper mug or tall tumbler with ice. Then pour vodka and ginger beer 1.

Except squeeze the lime, strain the juice 2 and add it to the cocktail.

The Moscow Mule is ready: serve it cold, garnishing it with slices of lime and, if desired, a leaf of mint or fresh ginger 3.


Instead of ginger beer, you can use the ginger alea ginger-based soft drink with a less pronounced taste: in this case add 1-2 cm of grated ginger to the drink.

To accentuate its freshness, add to your Moscow Mule del cucumber fresh cut into thin slices.


Although there is only one official recipe, a few have been proposed over time. variants of the Moscow Mule obtained by replacing the vodka with another distillate. In the London Mulefor example, gin is used, in the Mexican Mullet (also known as Mexican Burro) the use of tequila is expected, while in the kentucky mule the strong flavor of Bourbon whiskey is combined with ginger beer and lime.

History and origins of the Moscow Mule

The name Moscow Mule might be misleading, but Russia has nothing to do with its history: the cocktail was actually born in 1941 in a New York hotel, where they accidentally meet John G. Martin, distributor of Smirnoff vodkaunappreciated in the United States at the time, Jack Morgan, owner of an established Hollywood club who was trying to market his ginger beerand Sophie Berezinski, a young entrepreneur who had to part with a stock of copper cups with the drawing of a donkey. The three had a hunch: mix vodka and ginger beer with a little lime and serve the new drink in mugs. Not only was the combination of ingredients successful, but in addition the choice of copper proved to be particularly judicious: it is indeed a material which cools quickly because it is an excellent conductor, and which, in contact with lime, gives the Moscow Mule its unmistakable taste.

Since then, the drink began to spread rapidly to the United States and then to the rest of the world, although during the Second World War its fame was considerably reduced due to the name which recalled one of the two sides on field. In recent years, however, thanks also to the rediscovery of ginger and its properties, the Moscow Mule has once again become one of the most demanded and appreciated cocktails.

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