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Muffin vortice: the recipe for soft and delicious sweets

Muffin vortice: the recipe for soft and delicious sweets


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I muffin swirl they are both a variant of the famous American muffins and an even more spectacular version of the two-tone muffins: the cocoa mixture is poured over the white in a circular motion, so that when baked the cakes resemble a spiral. Soft and greedy, they are perfect for breakfast where to to taste for adults and children, excellent with a cup of tea or a glass of fruit juice. Let’s see how to prepare them.

How to make swirl muffins

First, mix the cocoa powder with 30 ml of milk in a bowl 1.

Separately, beat the egg with the sugar until frothy, then add the seed oil and remaining milk 2.

Sift the flour and baking powder and mix them with the liquid ingredients until the dough is smooth and creamy 3.

Separate 100 ml of dough and mix it with the cocoa mixture 4then transfer it to the piping bag.

Pour the white batter into muffin cups and twist the cocoa batter into a spiral 5. Add the grated coconut and bake at 180°C for 25 minutes.

Whirl muffins are ready to eat 6.


You can store the muffin swirls for 2-3 days under a glass dome or inside an airtight container.

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