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New Cruise Ship in the Galápagos – what more can you ask for?

New Cruise Ship in the Galápagos – what more can you ask for?

When you head a very high-profile, expensive company, it’s important to show off a little! These sailing trips are going to be at the top of your list and for just twenty-four thousand dollars a week, we can accompany you on unique journeys.

In between spotting blue-footed boobies on the island of Santiago and kayaking with sea turtles through the mangroves of Floreana, travelers on the 100-person Silver Origin were telling me those things they’ve asked their butlers to do.

Among the requests was to rearrange a suite for a private cocktail party, deliver ingredients for do-it-yourself Negronis, and whisk away bathing suits to be washed & dried. It was not something typically done and it went over well with many guests.

It was very difficult for a first-time cruiser, Jen Wong, to feel like a butler was the right thing for him. However, his wife, Danielle Wong, thought he needed more pampering in his life and decided to offer it to him.” We’re always willing to sacrifice luxury or comfort to see the birds we want to see,” she says. “In this case, it just felt nice to not have to.”

New Cruise Ship in the Galápagos

For decades, the remote volcanic volcano islands hosting the Galapagos National Park have been the preferred destination for boaters and travelers. They were once known for their natural beauty – not modern-day amenities, but food. That being said, new working boats are quite a welcome feature! Due to the dramatic advancement in technology and travel, many experienced travelers are choosing to travel abroad on cruises more often. For example, the Silversea Cruises ship Silver Origin offers more luxurious amenities at a lower cost to make it a great option for everyone.

The Rose will be quietly launched in June 2021 and officially christened last month. The ship commands rates starting around $24,000 per couple, per week—about $6,000 more than its closest competitors. Bookings from young executives are coming in fast & thick because they know how amazing the world can be. One week sailing and you get to meet people from all walks of life, new and seasoned travelers. Most were unprepared for what they got into but were more than happy with the experience.

Besides butler service, Silver Originations suites have windowed bathrooms, a 39-square-foot digital display in the Basecamp Lounge area that gives you an up-close view of animals from other parts of the ocean, and various other at sea features.

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But there are challenges when you are a service company operating in the Ecuadorian islands, including some of the most strict import restrictions. You can’t serve caviar or Argentinian beef, for instance, but there’s very good Galápagos scorpionfish .“Working in an environment where there are a lot of regulations, and with an extremely high-cost structure, is something we struggle with. But it’s the only option we have,” he said.

He said that most of the challenges they face now are simply “the result of being a young company in a developing economy with a really high-cost structure”.Their costs are so high, in part, because they have to import all of their equipment and materials from the United States. “This makes us price-competitive compared to companies that have more developed economies and more options, but it also increases our costs and drains the company’s cash reserves before it can even get started.

New Cruise Ship in the Galápagos

If you’d like to get a luxury experience without having to arrange your own private charter, going on the Silver Origin may be just what you need. The ships carry just 20 passengers and are small in size, giving them more room for luxurious upgrades! Starting in June, the new Aqua Expeditions superyacht Aqua Mare (fares from $9,450 per person; charters from $196,000 per week) will provide your stay with an expansive owner’s suite and a stay in paradise.

The tiered color scheme will be by Italian designer François Zuretti and an 861-square- foot glass-enclosed owner’s suite will provide a view of the ocean for you to enjoy on a personal cruise. Alone, connected or in groups, you can pamper yourself and your loved ones with something that’s truly exclusive. You may save money by connecting two suites together. If you find the right place, you can create a 2,000-square-foot space with petite ocean views and a wraparound balcony. This is offered for around $110,000.

When I first arrived here a decade ago, the word “luxury” was avoided on a trip with Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc. No one cared if you walked through this lounge barefoot! After deep-sea snorkeling, whether in the company of schools of fish or sea lions, you’ll be wrapped in Italian designer robes and taken to your stateroom.

You may find yourself surrounded by a crowd that’s drawn more to rooms with leather-trimmed walk-in closets than the symbiotic relationships between iguanas and birds. Maybe they’re looking for a new trend or setting! People on my ship didn’t give in to the party humor but soon got involved by sharing a color change lamp with a friend.

New Cruise Ship in the Galápagos

Not only does Silver Mountain add a needed touch to the area, but it also ensures your safety as a tourist. Silversea has a custom 10:1 guest to guide ratio, which is amazing and goes above and beyond what others in the industry offer.

Deep-sea snorkeling in the bay is a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife, it can also serve as an opportunity to explore a unique part of the world that’s unlike any other place you’ve visited. There are even opportunities to encounter dangerous marine life like whitetip reef sharks! Or following a guide on an intricate, scary-looking new planet as you slowly tiptoe around thousands of spiky-backed hairy marine iguanas in the ocean.

The ship had a good mix of partygoers & people who wanted to follow the rules. A few people weren’t following the rules, but there weren’t any problems. People were pretty much all awestruck.

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