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Omelette with courgette flowers: the recipe for an easy and tasty second course

Omelette with courgette flowers: the recipe for an easy and tasty second course


Extra virgin olive oil

The omelette with courgette flowers it’s a vegetarian main course: it is a light and tasty recipe, perfect for a dinner with friends and family, a picnic or for a trip out of town. The courgette flowers, protagonists of the vegetable stalls in the summer months, lend themselves very well to preparations such as omelettes or fried foods, but they are ideal baked in the oven and filled with delicious fillings.

This quick and easy second course can also be prepared in advance: in our recipe the zucchini flowers are first cleaned, cut into strips and cooked in a pan with eggs, parmesan, black pepper and salt. For a more golos varianta, we recommend adding diced sweet or smoked provola cheese to the egg mixture, in order to create a delicious stringy effect. You can serve the courgette flower omelette with afresh saladinsert it in A sandwichor you can cut it into squares and serve it as finger food.

There are many omelettes that you can make, playing with seasonal and imaginative ingredients: try the recipe for the zucchini omelette, the stringy one with mozzarella, or even the bread omelette, a perfect recipe for recycling stale bread.

How to prepare the courgette flower omelette

First, clean the courgette flowers: remove the stems and pistils and rinse them. At this point, dry them well and cut them into strips 1.

In a bowl, break the six eggs 2.

Combine the Parmesan 3.

Season with salt and black pepper 4.

Beat everything with a fork to even out the mixture 5.

Pour a generous round of extra virgin olive oil into the pan 6.

Combine the courgette flowers 7. Cook for 1 minute.

Pour in the egg mixture 8.

Cook the omelette for about 10 minutes 9. Turn it over and continue cooking for another minute.

Servi 10.


The courgette flower omelette can be enjoyed both hot and at room temperature. Alternatively, you can always store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator and enjoy it the following day.

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