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Our bodies of Water: The Full Record of Water Sorts

The world is residence to many alternative our bodies of water. Though it’s straightforward to say that many waterways are related and don’t want particular phrases to explain them, it’s necessary to know the distinction between a bay and a lagoon. At present, we’re trying on the names and definitions for all our bodies of water. Check out our listing and be taught the completely different phrases that apply to varied forms of water our bodies.

The Full Record of Our bodies of Water

The world is full of many distinct our bodies of water.

Take into account this whole listing of our bodies of water discovered on this planet in alphabetical order. Some phrases could have been excluded for causes of conciseness. Others didn’t make the listing as a result of they’re native phrases for waterbodies which might be coated in different definitions.

Our bodies of Water A-N

Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve
Bays type close to the ocean.

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Arroyo: a channel or stream that solely runs after rain and is dry the remainder of the time.         

Basin: a spot the place rainfall collects and runs into a standard outlet like a river.

Bay: a physique of water that’s surrounded on land by three sides, and normally discovered close to the ocean.

Bayou: a swampy portion of a river or lake with water that strikes slowly; a standard time period for creeks and lakes within the southern United States.

Bight: a large bay that hardly cuts inland.

Bathroom: a wetland with freshwater that has saturated peat moss and different decaying plant matter.

Bourn: a small stream, brook, or seasonal stream; referred to as a burn in Scotland.

Brook: a small creek or stream.

Canal: a artifical waterway that connects to oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Channel: the world wherein a river, stream, or strait flows, full with the banks and mattress.

Cove:  a sheltered bay with a small entrance.

Creek: a stream of water that’s smaller than a river and normally a tributary to a river.

Delta: a flat, low-lying space the place a river ends, usually splitting into a number of branches earlier than it reaches one other river, the ocean, or one other physique of water.

Distributary Channel: a stream that flows away from the principle channel of a river.

Draw: a stream or creek that solely fills after heavy rain however stays dry the remainder of the time; an arroyo or wadi.

Estuary: {a partially} closed-off coastal physique of water the place rivers meet the ocean.

Fjord: a slender, deep inlet of the ocean that’s bordered by steep slopes or cliffs.

Glacier: a big physique of dense ice that slowly strikes in a given space.

Gulf: a physique of water that’s bordered on three sides by land and far bigger than a bay.

Harbor: a sheltered waterbody that’s usually used to dock ships and boats resulting from a low or absent present.

Impoundment: a physique of water that’s purposefully contained in a synthetic enclosure; a reservoir that’s created by a dam.

Inlet: a recess in a shoreline on the sea, river, or lakes; a small, slender arm of a sea.

Kettle Lake: a small, shallow physique of water shaped when retreating glaciers lose chunks of ice, and the ice grew to become trapped in sediment; such a waterbody is shaped by floodwaters draining.

Lagoon: a shallow physique of water, sometimes seawater, that’s separated from the remainder of the ocean by sand, rocks, and vegetation.

Lake: a freshwater physique of water that’s certain by land, bigger than a pond, and normally freshwater; could also be synthetic comparable to a reservoir, or naturally occurring.

Lick: a small, briefly flowing stream.

Loch: a Scottish time period that the majority usually refers to lakes however might also consult with inlets, bays, and estuaries.

Mangrove Swamp: a coastal waterbody with excessive salinity and mangrove timber.

Marsh: a perpetually waterlogged space of low-lying land that floods because of rain or tidal shifts, and normally options massive herbaceous crops, reeds, rushes, and grasses.

Mere: a lake that’s exceptionally broad in comparison with its depth.

Moat: a artifical trench, typically full of water, used to guard one other space.

Our bodies of Water O-Z

Oceans are the largest bodies of water
Though oceans are sometimes divided up by completely different names, they’re all related.

Ocean: the numerous waterbody that covers the vast majority of the planet’s floor, usually damaged down into a number of smaller our bodies for the sake of identification.

Oxbow Lake: a lake with a U-shape that kinds from a river after the water follows a brand new path from its authentic meander; referred to as a billabong in Australia.

Pool: any variety of small our bodies of water, both synthetic or pure

Pond: water that’s smaller than a lake however has comparable properties to 1 and could be pure or synthetic.

Puddle: a small buildup of water on the bottom’s floor.

Reservoir: an space that’s used to retailer water, particularly in reference to dammed rivers and the factitious lakes they create.

Rill: a small, shallow channel of water which may be pure or synthetic.

River: a naturally occurring shifting physique of water with boundaries that drains into one other water, sometimes different rivers or oceans.

Sea: a big space of an ocean that’s partially enclosed or almost fully surrounded by land or an outlined physique of water such because the Sargasso Sea; the ocean.

Seep: an exceptionally small physique of water that’s shaped by a spring.

Supply: a spot from which a physique of water receives its water; a headwaters.

Shoal: an accumulation of sediment masking a submerged ridge; a spot the place the water in a sea or river is especially shallow.

Sound: an ocean inlet that’s wider than fjord, and greater than a bay.

Spring: a spot the place groundwater naturally flows up; sizzling springs are warmed by geothermal power.

Strait: a slender channel that connects two massive our bodies of water.

Stream: a small physique of water that possesses a present, banks, and a mattress however stays smaller than a river.

Swamp: a wetland that’s perpetually coated with water and possessing woody vegetation with some land rising above the water.

Tide Pool: a rocky pool of seawater that kinds subsequent to the ocean.

Tributary: a physique of water, normally freshwater, that feeds into a bigger physique of water with out flowing into the ocean.

Wash: additionally referred to as an arroyo in components of the USA.

Last Ideas on Our bodies of Water

Mangrove swamps are very specific bodies of water
A mangrove swamp is a really distinctive physique of water.

Millie Bond – Copyright A-Z Animals

This listing is supposed to be an exhaustive useful resource of the completely different our bodies of water that exist on this planet at this time. Some native names for our bodies of water have been eliminated and different definitions have been mixed for the sake of readability and conciseness.

Additionally, this useful resource article is a residing doc that may be modified if new definitions or forms of our bodies have to be included. In spite of everything, some phrases could have slipped by the cracks and different definitions could should be up to date sooner or later.

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