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Pan de jamón: the typical Venezuelan stuffed bread recipe

Pan de jamón: the typical Venezuelan stuffed bread recipe

He ham bread it’s a typical venezuelan bread usually prepared in Christmas time but what can you prepare all year. A delicious and savory rustic usually stuffed with cooked ham, raisins e chilli stuffed green olives to which you can also add bacon or bacon. In our recipe, we prepared the dough with water, flour, sugar, brewer’s yeast, eggs, butter or margarine. After step leaventhe mixture will be spread and simply stuffed with ham and pepper-stuffed olives, before being rolled up to form a Loaf. Then just cook it in the oven For about a half hourbefore adding the caramel on top and cook for another 10 minutes. Here are all the steps to get there.

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For the stuffing

Chili stuffed olives

How to prepare Venezuelan pan de jamón

Pour 130 ml of water into a bowl and dissolve the sugar and yeast 1.

Gradually add the flour, the egg 2 and knead.

Add margarine 3 and continue kneading for 10 minutes.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap 4 and let rise for 1 hour.

Work the dough with more flour and flatten it into a square using the rolling pin 5.

Arrange the olives with the chilli on one side and fold over just enough to cover them 6.

Place the slices of ham in the center but leave the other end free. Sprinkle more olives and cover them with the slices of prosciutto 7.

Roll from the side stuffed with olives to the center 8. Cut strips from the free side.

Mix the egg with the water and brush it on the roll 9.

Cross stripes on top ten.

Transfer the trunk to the pan lined with parchment paper and moisten with the egg 11. Let stand 1 hour.

Pierce the roll blanks with a fork 12. Bake in a static oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

Melt the sugar with a little water in the saucepan to prepare the caramel 13.

Brush the caramel on the rustic 14 and cook for another 10 minutes.

Cut it into slices and serve it 15.


You can vary the filling of the pan de jamón by adding raisins e bacon or baconyou can also replace the cooked ham with the grain and use the pitted green olivesinstead of those filled with pepper.


You can store the pan de jamón in the fridge for 1-2 days covered with plastic wrap or inside an airtight container.

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