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Pan-fried chicory: the recipe for a simple and tasty vegetarian side dish

Pan-fried chicory: the recipe for a simple and tasty vegetarian side dish


chopped fresh chilli

extra virgin olive oil

There fried chicoryalso called ripassata or dragged, is a outline vegetarian cuisine typical of the poor. A simple and tasty dish, which is characterized by the pleasantly bitter note of chicory and the spicy note of chilli, ideal to accompany grilled meats, pan-fried sausages, cheeses and fish main dishes with a good amount of fat, like salmon.

If you wish, you can enjoy it on a good toast toastsprinkled with grated pecorino or salted ricotta flakes, for a quick and equally satisfying meal, or with a bean puree, for a pairing dear to the tradition of Puglia. You can also use it to garnish rustic cakes, savory pies, focaccias or delicious sandwiches.

Easy and quick to make, chicory is perfect to eat during the colder seasons, when it is at its tastiest. Simply clean the chicory, blanch it in salted water for a few minutes, then, once drained, fry it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, poached garlic and chilli , until tender and golden brown.

If you don’t like spicy flavors, you can omit the chilli and add black olivedesalted capers or an anchovy fillet in oil, for a tastier touch.

Find out how to make chicory in a pan by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. Also try the chicory omelet and the chicory and potato dumplings.

How to prepare chicory in a pan

Remove the base of the toughest clump 1.

Cut the chicory stems and leaves into pieces 2.

Wash it thoroughly under cold running water 3.

Boil the chicory in lightly salted boiling water for about 5 minutes 4. Keep a cup of cooking water.

Drain the chicory 5.

Transfer the poached garlic and chili to a large skillet with three tablespoons of oil. brown on fire 6.

Add the drained chicory 7.

Mix, adjust the salt and add (if necessary) the endive cooking water, little by little 8.

Cook the chicory for 5-8 minutes, leave to stand for a few minutes 9 then remove the garlic cloves.

Dress and serve ten. If desired, add more chilli or a pinch of pecorino.


Pan-fried endive can be kept in the refrigerator for A few daysinside a special airtight container.

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