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Pan-fried soufflé omelette: the recipe to have it high and fluffy

Pan-fried soufflé omelette: the recipe to have it high and fluffy

The omelette souffle in a pan it’s a second dish simple and tasty, ideal to serve a cena or for an abundant one salty breakfast. To prepare it you need very few ingredients: egg, cooking cream, sale and a pinch of sugar.

The tricks for getting a effect “fluffy are the following: separate the yolks and whites from the eggs, beat the yolks with the cream, whip the egg whites and, finally, incorporate the two compounds with circular movements, from the bottom up. In this way, the omelet will turn out alta e fluffyeven without the addition of instant yeast.

The cooking in a pan makes this dish even faster to make, but for a light, butter-free version, we recommend trying the classic baked omelette o the one with zucchini.

Now, however, let’s see how to prepare the soufflé omelette in a pan, soft and tasty, with a tasty filling of ham and stringy cheese.

How to prepare soufflé omelette in a pan

Into two separate bowls, divide the yolks and egg whites from the eggs 1. Beat the egg yolks with the cooking cream 2 and whisk the egg whites with salt and sugar until stiff 3.

Add the egg whites to the egg yolks, stirring from the bottom up to keep the mixture from disassembling 4. Melt a knob of butter in the pan 5 and cook the egg mixture. Cover with the lid and leave on the stove for two minutes 6.

Add the ham and cheese slices 7. Let it cook until the cheese is melted 8. Fold the omelette and serve 9.


The soufflé omelette is cooked in no time. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it hot, with the filling still stringy. The base of the omelette, however, is preserved in the fridge per 2 days, closed in an airtight container. When it is time to serve it, just sauté it in a pan and add the desired filling.

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