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Paris’ Grande Dame Hôtel de Crillon Relaunches Signature Dining Concept

The iconic Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel reintroduces its one-Michelin celebrity restaurant, L’Ecrin to debut a brand-new idea that flips the standard strategy to wine pairing on its head. As opposed to the customary tasting menu, the brand-new L’Ecrin experience focuses on guests’ selection of beverage vs. food. Directed by the resort’s Head Sommelier, Xavier Thuizat, restaurants choose the red wines they wish to explore as well as the ideal variety of training courses for their evening (options are 3, 5 or 8), which Xavier then takes back to the Chef, Boris Campanella, as well as the Pastry Chef, Matthieu Carlin, to together curate a selection of highly seasonal dinner pairings. From white truffles and Reine des reinettes (King of the Pippins) apples, to autumn video game which honors the timeless, French lifestyle, each pairing is tailor-made and also influenced by the area’s distinct offerings.

From the 22nd of September, L’Ecrin – the fine-dining restaurant at Hôtel de Crillon – is providing visitors a new sampling experience. Red wines now establish the tone and also restaurants are welcomed to discover an unique sensory experience, in addition to the art of French solution and a custom-made food selection … an unique method for the mythological Parisian high-end hotel to celebrate gastronomy underpinned by its knowledge and look for quality.

Tailor-made menus as well as pooling of talents

Hôtel de Crillon is innovating and concentrating on pairing white wine and also food, turning it into a real art type. In an action far from common food selections, in this brand-new experience, the Head Sommelier, Xavier Thuizat, will help restaurants choose the glass of wines as well as number of programs prior to collaborating with the Chef, Boris Campanella, and also the Pastry Chef, Matthieu Carlin, to produce an ideal match. Each menu is consequently special as it will vary according to the red wines picked.

It is a gastronomic experience that relies upon an absolutely harmonious mix of two wonderful skill sets. Each recipe is developed to fit a particular type of red wine, with a special focus on a highly seasonal food selection. With the greatest of care, the chef picks costs seasonal produce, varying from the unusual to the commonplace. The autumn food selection of Boris Campanella is mainly celebrating game, white truffles as well as Reine des reinettes (King of the Pippins) apples, paying homage to producers scrupulously picked for their enthusiasm and also phenomenal understanding.

A non-alcoholic variation of this gastronomic experience assures to be equally as tasty. Also based upon seasonality, the food selection will certainly be made up of a collection of eight training courses based around teas, specialized coffees and tisanes.

L’Ecrin likewise supplies the French-style of table service. Each night, the team will certainly supply restaurants with a stunning eating experience that includes opening up vintage bottles of port with hot tongs, offering Tokaji Eszcencia red wine in a spoon and putting sherry in the style of a Venenciador (a standard Spanish professional a glass of wine pourer).

Hôtel de Crillon continues to surprise its guests and also L’Ecrin dining establishment absolutely showcases the fine-dining experience, therefore perpetuating the great practice of the French way of living.


10, Place de la Concorde – 75008 Paris

3-course food selection: EUR195 – excluding drinks
Exploration 5-course food selection: EUR175 – leaving out beverages
Status 8-course menu: EUR235 – excluding beverages
“Legendary Wines” 8-course menu: EUR735
Non-alcoholic pairings: EUR55

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