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Pasta with green beans: the recipe for the first simple and tasty

Pasta with green beans: the recipe for the first simple and tasty


Extra virgin olive oil

The pasta with green beans it’s a primo simple and tasty, perfect for any family lunch or dinner. They are prepared with these particular croissant-shaped vegetables, typical of the spring and summer season, and exceptionally versatile in the kitchen. In our recipe the green beans are boiled together with the pasta, poured into a pan with a tomato sauce cool and then stirred over high heat for a few minutes. The result is a appetizing dishcolorful and with Mediterranean scents, which will conquer all palates, even the most demanding.

If you like, you can top it off with a little grated cheese, crumbled feta or grated salted ricotta. You can prepare the sauce with fresh datterini or cherry tomatoes and add Taggiasca olives, capers and toasted pine nuts, for an even richer taste. For a vegan versionInstead, you can sprinkle the dough with nutritional yeast flakes. We used bucatini, but you can replace them with spaghetti, linguine or a short pasta format of your choice.

Find out how to prepare pasta with green beans by following the step by step procedure and advice. If you love the green beans, here are many simple and tasty ideas. If you are looking for an original side dish, however, do not miss the green beans au gratin and those stewed.

How to prepare pasta with green beans

Peel the onion, slice it 1 and then chop it finely.

Transfer it to a large pan with 2-3 tablespoons of oil and brown the onion 2.

Pour the puree 3 and mix well. Cook for about 10 minutes, season with salt and then turn off.

Check the green beans 4 and then rinse them.

Boil them in lightly salted water for 3 minutes 5.

Add the pasta 6 and continue cooking following the instructions on the package.

Drain the green beans and the pasta al dente 7.

Transfer everything to the pan with the sauce 8 and put it back on the fire.

Stir carefully, to season the pasta well 9and blow briefly over high heat.

Transfer the pasta with green beans to individual plates, sprinkle with a pinch of oregano and ground pepper, and serve 10.


It is advisable to prepare pasta with green beans and consume it hot, at the moment. Alternatively, it can be stored in the refrigerator, in a special airtight container, for one daysautéing it in a pan before serving.

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