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Pasta with ricotta: the recipe for the delicate and creamy first course ready in just a few minutes

Pasta with ricotta: the recipe for the delicate and creamy first course ready in just a few minutes

The pasta with ricotta cheese it is an easy and tasty evergreen that is very quick to make. A primo delicate and creamy ideal for any lunch or family dinner, or for a last minute meal to prepare without staying too much in the kitchen. Here the ricotta is flavored with grated Parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt, and flavored with lemon zest, ground pepper and a few basil leaves. It is then dissolved in a little cooking water from the pasta and used to whisk the rigatonipreviously cooked al dente: the result will be an irresistible and light dish truly within everyone’s reach.

We used ricotta vaccine, with soft and sweet notes, but if you prefer a more rustic and intense flavor you can also opt for that of sheepmake a mix between the two dairy products or choose the one of hoax: the important thing is that it is very fresh and that, before proceeding with the recipe, it is collected in a tight-meshed colander and drained from the whey thoroughly. To obtain a cream of the right consistency, we suggest you add the cooking water of the pasta a little at a time, being careful not to exceed the quantities to avoid too liquid a yield.

Delicious and versatile ricotta, combined with long, short but also fresh pasta, gives life to appetizing and succulent first courses: just balance the ingredients well and you’re done. If you wish, you can add aromatic herbs, cherry tomatoes and courgettes, chopped walnut kernels, fresh or agretti broad beans (according to seasonality), speck or diced cubes to the dressing. pancetta sautéed in a pan, chopped tuna fillets …

If you wish you can dissolve a couple of saffron sachets in a little hot water, add it to the preparation and use it to season a good plate of spaghetti or you can try your hand at a classic of the Neapolitan tradition based on buffalo ricotta and sauce of pomodoro fresh. You can use a drop of cream or milk instead of cooking water or, for a more savory dish, you can replace the grated Parmesan with pecorino.

Find out how to prepare pasta with ricotta by following the step by step procedure and advice. If you liked this recipe, try the pecorara pasta too.

How to prepare pasta with ricotta

Pour the rigatoni in plenty of lightly salted water and cook for the time indicated on the package. In the meantime, prepare the dressing: collect the ricotta in a narrow mesh colander and let it drain well from the whey, then transfer it to a bowl and add the grated Parmesan 1.

It smells with the grated rind of the lemon 2.

Add a few basil leaves 3previously washed, dabbed with a sheet of absorbent kitchen paper and chopped.

Sprinkle with ground pepper 4.

Season with salt 5.

Mix the ingredients well with a spoon 6.

Once cooked, drain the pasta al dente (set aside a ladle of cooking water) and transfer it to the bowl with the ricotta cream 7.

Add the reserved cooking water 8little by little.

Stir well with a spoon 9.

Distribute the pasta on individual plates, complete with a sprinkling of pepper and a few basil leaves 10and serve.


To savor it in all its creaminess, it is advisable to consume pasta with ricotta hot and at the moment.

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