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Piadina without lard: the recipe for making a light and quick homemade piadina

Piadina without lard: the recipe for making a light and quick homemade piadina


There piadina without lard it is a quick and easy preparation, a lighter variant of the classic Romagna piadina, made with lard. To make this exquisite homemade piadina without animal fats, just mix them flour, water, extra virgin olive oil oh seeds, bicarbonate e sale. The dough will then be divided into balls and rolled out using a rolling pin. The wraps will then be pan-fried until they swell: once ready, you can enjoy them as they are, instead of breadyou can stuff them with Cream cheese, cooked ham e salad, as in our preparation, or enjoy them with the ingredients you prefer. Make your piadina without lard like single dish for a quick and irresistible lunch or dinner. Here are the steps to make it.


extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare piadina without lard

Mix the flour with the baking soda, salt, oil and a little water in a bowl 1 and start mixing.

Add the water little by little and knead until you get a soft dough. 2. Let stand 15 minutes.

Divide the dough into 4 balls and roll them out with a rolling pin 3.

Cook in the pan until they puff up 4.

Serve wraps with cream cheese, ham and salad 5 or as you wish.


You can fill the piadina without lard with whatever sausage you prefer or have available, but you can also fill it with cream cheese and grilled vegetablesfor a vegetarian version.

To prevent bubbles on the surface from spoiling the texture of your lard-free tortillas, prick them with a fork.

For a lighter and more digestible pancake without lard, replace the 00 flour with wholemeal flour.


You can store the piadina without lard for 1-2 days inside a food bag, but it is advisable to consume it immediately after preparation.

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