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Poached octopus: the recipe for the typical Neapolitan dish

Poached octopus: the recipe for the typical Neapolitan dish


I drowned octopus they are one of the simplest and tastiest dishes in the Neapolitan cuisine: and fish appetizer really delicious that you can serve too second course. It’s simple little octopuses cooked for a long time with tomato: I drowned purpetielli in fact, they are literally left to “drown” in tomato sauce and, for this reason, perfect for serving in a pot with a few slices of toast. The predominant presence of this sauce infused with the flavor of octopus makes it also perfect for another dish: use it as seasoning for a Pasta delicious.

Poached octopus is accompanied by another very similar dish from the Campanian tradition: polipetti alla luciana. This recipe, born in the village of Santa Lucia in Naples, has seen many versions follow one another throughout history and for this reason often the two preparations merge. Originally the polipetti alla luciana were prepared without tomatoes but only with parsley and lemon; over the years olives and capers are said to have arrived and it was only recently that the tomato was introduced. The poached octopuses, on the other hand, see another genesis: originally they were simply cooked in their own water, then the explosion of red recipes in Naples changed this preparation by transforming the poached octopus into a large dish that the Chef Raffaele Cardillo. today.


Hot pepper (optional)

Extra virgin olive oil

Poached octopus recipe

To prepare poached baby octopus or baby octopus, start by cleaning the baby octopus: remove the entrails, beak, eyes 1 and empties the bladder, which contains the fish’s juice. Brown the seeded garlic and chilli in a pan with extra virgin olive oil 2. Add the octopuses: roll them up on themselves so that they remain well positioned in the pan 3.

Brown the octopus, switch to white wine 4 and let it evaporate. Add the peeled tomatoes, cover with the lid 5 and cook over low heat: it will take about 1 hour 6.

Once cooked, place the octopus in a casserole dish 7 or in a serving dish with slices of toast and chopped parsley 8. The poached octopuses are ready to be served 9.


You can store poached baby octopus in the refrigerator for 1-2 days inside an airtight container.

Difference Between Real Baby Octopus and Baby Octopus

In this recipe we used i dormouse but nothing changes between the two cephalopods, at least in terms of flavor. However, they are two distinct and separate animals: at first glance it is easy to recognize the differences thanks to the “suction cups“Because baby octopuses only have one row per tentacle, octopuses have two.

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