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Pollo alla diavola: the recipe for the second typical of the Italian tradition

Pollo alla diavola: the recipe for the second typical of the Italian tradition


Extra virgin olive oil

He evil chicken it’s a according simple and tasty, typical of the Italian tradition. Of Roman origin, it is a very popular dish also in other regions of Italy which, in turn, have given rise to many equally delicious variants. The chicken, once cleaned and gutted, is massaged with an emulsion based on extra virgin olive oil, paprika and chilli pepperthen cooked on a griddle over medium-high heat with a weight placed on it, so that it remains well flattened.

The result is a tender dish, succulent and with an irresistibly spicy taste (for this reason “alla diavola”). To make the chicken even softer and juicier, we seasoned it with the emulsion and left to marinate for at least half an hour in the fridge, wrapped in cling film. In addition to paprika and chilli, we have flavored it with a blend of flavors for roasting, but if you wish, you can add more fresh herbssuch as rosemary, sage, bay leaf or other spices of your taste.

Before starting the actual preparation, you must clean the chicken, unless purchased already plucked, decapitated and gutted. If not, cut off the chicken’s legs and neck, remove all feathers and innards, then wash it thoroughly under cold running water and then dry it with a clean cloth. Typically a Free-range chicken entirebut it is also possible to use only thighs, breast and wings according to personal taste and needs: it will be less spectacular, but just as tasty.

Once cooked to perfection and nicely browned, the deviled chicken can be served with a fresh Mixed saladto an accompaniment of cooked vegetables or even with crispy baked potatoes.

Find out how to make devil chicken by following the step by step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, don’t miss the salty chicken and the classic roast chicken.

How to make devil chicken

Using a pair of scissors, cut the chicken vertically along the breast 1 or, if you prefer, along the back.

Wash the chicken thoroughly under cold running water, then dry it with a clean kitchen towel 2.

Pull the chicken from one end to stretch it well 3.

Do the same on the other side 4.

Flatten it by squeezing it with your hands 5.

Pour the extra virgin olive oil into a small bowl and add a pinch of sweet paprika 6.

Add a pinch of salt seven.

Follow with hot pepper powder 8.

And finally with the mixed flavors for the roasts 9. Mix the sauce well.

Brush the chicken with the spicy aromatic sauce, first on one side ten.

Then flip the chicken over and brush the other side as well 11.

Massage the chicken on both sides to distribute the marinade 12cover and let stand 30 minutes at room temperature before cooking 12.

Arrange the chicken on a griddle or waist pan, greased with a drizzle of oil 13.

Brown the chicken for a few minutes over high heat on both sides (14).

Place a weight on the chicken to crush it well 15, and continue cooking, turning every 5 minutes. For a chicken of about 1 kg, allow one hour of cooking. If you don’t have the right barbecue press, use a lid that’s smaller than the width of the chicken, on which you’ll need to add weight (a pot of water will do just fine).

When the chicken is perfectly cooked and nicely browned, transfer it to a serving platter and serve hot, accompanied by a fresh salad 16.


To flavor the devil chicken, you can use hot red pepper, cayenne pepper, ground black pepper or paprika, which you will mix with oil to create the sauce with which massaging the meat before cooking it.

You can also choose a mix of Cajun spices, made with black and white pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme and garlic. However, be careful not to overdo the sauce so as not to cover the delicate flavor of the meat too much.

You can also accompany the dish with a little Dijon Mustard or Worcestershire sauce, to make it tasty and light at the same time.


Deviled Chicken should be eaten as soon as it is ready and hot. If you have any left over, you can keep it in the refrigerator in a special airtight container, to 1-2 days. If you used fresh meat, you can also freeze it.

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