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Potato omelette stuffed with cheese: the recipe for the second course in a racy pan

Potato omelette stuffed with cheese: the recipe for the second course in a racy pan

The stuffed potato omelette it’s a second dish quick and easy, the stuffed and even tastier version of the potato omelette. The grated potatoes julienne will be mixed with eggs and corn starch and then cooked in the pan just like the classic omelette, finally stuffed with a filling of stringy cheese which makes them super appetizing. Perfect for one cena tasty accompanied by a salad but also to take as a lunch in the office or at school, cut into triangles or squares this omelette is an excellent idea for a buffet o one aperitif with friends.

Our recipe is perfect for the summer because it does not require the use of the oven, but if you prefer a lighter version you can cook the stuffed potato omelette baked: will be enough 20 minutes a 180 °C. The filling can vary according to your tastes and what you have available: the omelette is also excellent stuffed with slices, mozzarella o provoloneand can be enriched with baked ham o verdure such as zucchini and onion. Here are all the steps to prepare it.

How to prepare the stuffed potato omelette

Grate the potatoes 1 and cover them with water, leaving them to soak for a few minutes to soften them. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs 2. Drain the potatoes, add the cornstarch, beaten eggs, salt and parsley and mix well 3.

Grease a pan with a drizzle of oil and pour half of the potato mixture, cooking with the lid on until golden brown 4. Do the same with the remaining half. Once both omelettes are cooked, put one back in the pan, add the cheese 5close with the other half and cook for a few more minutes: the stuffed potato omelette is ready 6.


Stuffed potato omelette can be stored for 2 days inside an airtight container.

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