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Prosciutto and melon: the recipe for a quick and easy summer appetizer

Prosciutto and melon: the recipe for a quick and easy summer appetizer

Ham and melon it is one of the most popular combinations of Italian gastronomy. Antipasto stow par excellence, when melons, sweet and fragrant, give their best, it is prepared in a few minutes and is also perfect to take to the beach or for a tasty and refreshing break. The recipe is very simple and fast, but you can indulge yourself in the different ways of presenting it: the important thing is to use high quality raw ham and a melon mature at the right point.

Give her very ancient originsit seems that this preparation dates back to the second century AD when, at the time of the ancient Greeks, the doctor Galen believed that to remain in good health the body had to reach a balance between four elements: water, air, earth and fire. The melon, a wet and cold food, and connected to water, was therefore considered perfect paired with the ham, hot, dry and associated with fire.

Find out how to make this great classic and the different ways to bring it to the table.

How to prepare ham and melon

Cut off the ends of the melon 1.

Place the melon upright on a cutting board, on the side of the base, and carve it with a knife 2.

Divide the melon in half 3.

Empty it from the seeds with the help of a spoon 4.

Cut the melon into slices 5 of the same size.

Remove the peel 6.

Arrange the raw ham on a cutting board 7.

Wrap 1 slice of ham around the melon slice and repeat the operation until all ingredients are used up. Arrange the ham and melon on a serving dish 8bring to the table and serve.


To best savor ham and melon, we suggest serving it fresh from the fridge, but not ice cream. Choose a melon that is not overripe, netted or of the variety cantaloupeso that the pulp is not undone or too sugary, and combines a sweet raw, such as Parma’s ham where he San Daniele: the slightly sapid taste will marry perfectly with that of the fruit. Small curiosity. The ham, thanks to the presence of salt, will make the melon more digestible.

How to serve ham and melon

You can bring ham and melon to the table in its simplicity, as in our recipe, or present it in an original and fun way. If you wish to serve it as a tease finger food you can cut the fruit into cubes, wrap it with strips of ham and stop everything with a toothpick. Or you can make some skewersto be placed on a bed of rocket, alternating a few cubes of feta and 1 mint leaf.

For a more spectacular result you can cut the fruit in half, empty it of the pulp with an ice cream portioner and fill the emptied part with melon ballsmixed salad, ham roses and mozzarella bites: you will get a refined basket with which to amaze your guests.

For a special occasion we suggest you serve it by the glass. Just prepare a melon gazpacho, pour it into a cup or a wine glass and garnish with a slice of ham, chopped almonds and a couple of basil leaves. Or you can make a mousse by blending 150 g of raw ham with 300 g of ricotta and then proceed in the same way.

You can also prepare some tasty ones crostini to serve as an appetizer. Once the slices of bread have been toasted on a hot plate, simply place a slice of melon and a slice of ham on top, and season everything with an oil flavored with herbs.

What to combine

Prosciutto and melon goes perfectly with i fresh cheeses such as feta, ricotta, fiordilatte or crescenza, but also with mixed salad, rocket and tomato slices. You can enjoy it with a good glass of vinopreferably white, still or sparkling, and with fruity notes.


If you like, you can make some variations on the theme. Instead of ham you can use speck, bresaola or other sliced ​​and, in the winter months, you can opt for white melon, particularly sweet and fragrant.


Prosciutto and melon can be kept in the fridge, in an airtight container, for 1 day massimo.

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