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Puffed rice and chocolate candies: the recipe for a quick and tasty snack

Puffed rice and chocolate candies: the recipe for a quick and tasty snack

I chocolate puffed rice cakes I am a simple and delicious dessertperfect to enjoy as a snack or to serve at the end of a meal, for an informal lunch or dinner.

They are preparing in 15 minutes minutes and with only 3 ingredients: milk chocolate, puffed rice e donkey. After shaping the mixture and pouring it into cups, just wait 20 minutes to rest in the refrigerator to obtain sweet bites, excellent for young and old.

These delicious sweets lend themselves to many variations. In fact, you can use del dark chocolate give them a more intense flavor or, on the contrary, choose the one White to increase its softness. In addition, they can be enriched with chopped dried fruit, coconut flakes or even a little Rum.

On the other hand, the combination of puffed rice and chocolate is very popular: just think of the puffed rice and chocolate bars or there gladly chocolate cake and puffed rice.

How to Make Chocolate Puffed Rice Cakes

To make the chocolate and puffed rice pancakes, cut the milk chocolate into small pieces 1.

Melt in a bain-marie adding a little butter 2.

Pour the melted chocolate over the puffed rice and stir the mixture well 3.

Fill the silicone cups with the mixture and leave to rest in the refrigerator for 20 minutes 4.

Chocolate puffed rice cakes are ready to serve 5.


Puffed rice and chocolate cakes are preserved in the refrigerator by 4-5 days, sealed in an airtight container or covered with cling film. We do not recommend freezing them.

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