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Pumpkin cappuccino: the recipe for a creamy and scenographic aperitif

Pumpkin cappuccino: the recipe for a creamy and scenographic aperitif


For the soup

extra virgin olive oil

For the foam

Unsweetened liquid fresh cream

He pumpkin cappuccino it’s a antipasti autumnal refined and scenographicsimple preparation and original that will surprise your guests: also ideal for a special occasion. The base is similar to the preparation of Cream Of Pumpkincreamy and tasty, scented with rosemary and enriched on the surface with a soft foam based on Greek yogurt e fresh liquid cream — which will recall that of the classic sweet cappuccino — to which you can add roasted pumpkin seedsas in our preparation, but also almonds with slat, walnut kernels e Plum jam or other jam with a slightly sour taste, so as to contrast the sweet and delicate taste of the pumpkin. The end result will be a salted cappuccino really irresistible.

For the preparation, you can use the variety of pumpkin that you prefer or that you have, in particular: the Chioggia pumpkin or the delicate pumpkin. You can also replace Greek yogurt with soft-paste cheesethe goat cheese ricottahe sweet gorgonzola or with your favorite cream cheese.

If you love this delicious and versatile fall vegetable, there are plenty of pumpkin recipes you can make, from simple and tasty ideas to appetizers to desserts.

How to Make Pumpkin Cappuccino

Prepare the vegetable broth and keep it warm. Clean the pumpkin: remove the skin and internal seeds with a spoon. Cut the pulp into cubes 1 and keep aside. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces 2. Brown the chopped leek in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Add the pumpkin and the potatoes, browning everything for a few minutes with the rosemary. Add broth 3 and cook until the squash and potatoes have softened.

Once ready, let them cool and mix everything with the immersion blender 4: salt and pepper. Now prepare the mousse: put the Greek yogurt and liquid fresh cream in a bowl and whisk them until you get a fluffy mixture 5. Ladle the pumpkin soup into bowls or mugs and add a spoonful of mousse to each serving. Top with toasted pumpkin seeds or as desired. Your pumpkin cappuccino is ready to be served 6.


It is advisable to consume the pumpkin cappuccino immediately after preparation. However, you can prepare the pumpkin soup in advance and store it in the refrigerator for 1 day, in an airtight container.

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