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Quick pancakes with a spoon: the recipe for soft and delicious sweets

Quick pancakes with a spoon: the recipe for soft and delicious sweets

The quick pancakes with a spoon they are delicious sweets of leavened dough, crunchy on the surface and very soft inside, ideal for one Breakfast or one snack greedy. They are very similar to the classics damselfish of Carnivalbut can be served at any time of the year, thanks to the speed of preparation.

To make them, in fact, a few simple steps are necessary: ​​just mix egg, salt, sugar, flour, milk and brewer’s yeast, mix the mixture and wait for the leavening times.

When the dough has doubled, we proceed with frying in a pan. During this step it is important to monitor the oil temperature, make sure it is constant and portion the pancakes into small balls, in order to facilitate internal cooking and prevent the crispy crust from darkening too much.

To obtain a more airy and soft dough, we have chosen to insert the brewer’s yeast rather than that instant. In addition, we decided to serve the pancakes only with some powdered sugar on the surface, but the latter can also be enriched with a filling of raisinscon candied orange peel or with lemon flavor.

For the savory variant, we recommend trying the baked zucchini pancakes of the salty pancakes without leavening.

Now, however, let’s see how to prepare quick pancakes with a spoon.

How to prepare quick pancakes with a spoon

In a bowl, beat the egg with the salt and sugar 1. Add the flour, dry yeast, warm milk 2 and mix the mixture well 3.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it rise for 1 hour 4. Heat frying oil in a pan, portion the batter with a spoon 5 and pour it into boiling oil 6.

Let the pancakes fry until golden brown 7. Sprinkle with powdered sugar 8 and serve 9.


It is recommended to taste quick pancakes with a spoon still hot. However, these treats are also preserved in room temperatureclosed in an airtight container, for maximum 2 days.

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