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Red wine stew: the easy recipe to make it tender and juicy

Red wine stew: the easy recipe to make it tender and juicy


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Lo stewed in red wine it’s a second dish rich and tasty, a great classic of Italian cuisine prepared with bites of beef slowly cooked in red wine. The wine itself, full-bodied and tasty, gives the stew a unique flavor, dark color and extraordinary sweetness, thanks also to the Slow cooking and low heat. The meat is first browned in an oil and onion base, mixed with wine and then cooked for a long time with the addition of hot broth (or water), spices and herbs.

Perfect for the Sunday lunch with the family or for a festive occasion, red wine stew is a rustic and invigorating dish that always satisfies everyone with its great simplicity. It is enough to accompany it with a soft polenta, a creamy mash or crispy baked golden potatoes to bring a full grass and satisfying.

Red wine stew can be made with pieces of veal oh manzo, and can be cooked in beef broth, vegetable broth or simply with boiling water. For a tender and juicy final result, it is important to use a piece of meat suitable for long cooking, such as shoulder, priest’s hat, rump and real, and a very aromatic red wine, such as Barolo, Barbera or Chianti.

Find out how to prepare a red wine stew by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. Do not miss the traditional stew recipe, but also beer and chicken with potatoes. Also try the beef braised in Barolo, typical of Piedmontese cuisine, and the chicken in wine.

How to make red wine stew

Clean the meat by removing the filaments 1.

Also remove the excessively oily parts 2.

Cut the meat into cubes of about 2 cm on each side. 3.

Prepare a rich sautéed sauce in a pan by adding a generous drizzle of oil and the finely chopped onion 4.

Dress the meat and brown it over high heat 5.

Stir occasionally to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. 6.

Pour the red wine seven.

Then add broth or boiling water until the meat is completely covered. Salt and pepper, add a bay leaf and a few juniper berries 8.

Cover with the lid and cook the stew in red wine over very low heat for at least two hours or until very tender 9.

Serve hot red wine stew ten.


The red wine stew can be stored in the refrigerator, in a glass container, for one day. You can freeze it if you used fresh meat.

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