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Sausages of sausage: the recipe for a quick and tasty appetizer

Sausages of sausage: the recipe for a quick and tasty appetizer

The sausage skewers they are appetizers delicious e fastideal to serve as antipasto, for a buffet or an aperitif. Preparing them is really simple: just cut some frankfurters in half, insert them into a toothpick, cut them and form dough spirals around them.

In our recipe, we have chosen to wrap the frankfurters with a soft leavened dough. For more crunchiness, we recommend replacing it with puff pastry.

Great for any occasion, these appetizers can be enhanced with olive e verdurewhile the puff pastry can also be omitted, just like in the tasty ones sausage and potato skewers. Finally, they are perfect to be enjoyed hot or lukewarm, dipped in ketchup or in the classic mayonnaise.

How to prepare sausage skewers

In a bowl, dissolve the dry yeast and sugar in the warm water 1, mix and add the flour, salt, oil. Knead well, until you get a smooth and homogeneous dough 2, and let the mixture rise for 30 minutes, covered with a cloth. After the necessary time, roll out the dough into thin strips 3.

Cut the sausages in half 4put them on the skewers 5 and engrave them, so as to form a spiral 6.

Roll the strips of dough into the spaces of the spirals 7. Transfer the skewers to a baking sheet and brush the beaten egg over each one 8. Bake at 190 ° C for 30 minutes and serve 9.


The sausage skewers they are preserved in the fridge per Three days about, closed in an airtight container. However, it is recommended to consume them hot or lukewarm, to prevent them from losing their initial softness and fragrance.

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