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Savory puff pastry lovers: the recipe for a simple and delicious rustici

Savory puff pastry lovers: the recipe for a simple and delicious rustici

I salty puff pastry fans they are simple and tasty rustic dishes, ideal as antipasti or to be prepared as an appetizer for a aperitif oh buffet, a salty variant of puff pastry fans, also excellent for enriching festive tables. You will need them to craft them only 3 ingredients to fill the puff pastry: Cream cheese, zucchini e smoked salmonbut it is a quick and easy recipe which you can fill in as you wish. These delicious amateurs will seduce young and old alike: here is how to make gourmet and scenographic aperitifs in no time.

There are many starters with puff pastry that you can make, simple and delicious ideas for all occasions.


Rectangular puff pastry

How to make savory puff pastry fans

Grate the courgettes 1 and squeeze out the excess water.

Roll out the puff pastry and spread the cream cheese over the entire surface 2.

Spread the grated zucchini. Add salt and smoked salmon 3.

Roll the two short sides towards the center until they touch 4.

Cut the roll into slices 5 and transfer the fans to the parchment-lined pan.

Bake in a static oven at 190°C for 25 minutes 6.

Savory puff pastry lovers are ready to be served 7.


For filling, you can also use the prosciuttohe pomodoro or make a mixture of robiola cheese and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. Avoid using stringy cheese, as it tends to run during cooking.

You can also stuff the puff pastry in advance: roll it up and keep it in the fridge or freezer. In the latter case, let it thaw slightly, or keep it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour, in order to obtain an easy and uniform cut. For cutting, always use a long knife with a smooth blade.


You can keep the savory puff pastry fans in the fridge for One dayinside an airtight container, but it is advisable to consume them during the day, to enjoy them at their best.

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