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Savory waffles: the recipe for a tasty and delicious sandwich

Savory waffles: the recipe for a tasty and delicious sandwich


For the dough

baking powder for savory pies

Chives (optional)

For the filling

thinly sliced ​​cooked ham

fresh spreadable cheese such as robiola

I waffle salati they are an easy, tasty and very quick recipe to make. It’s about a exquisite variant sweet waffles, very popular in Belgium, but also very popular in Italy. They are ideal for a quick lunch in the office or by the sea, for a picnic in the park or to serve as antipasto, aperitif or on the occasion of a Sunday brunch. They are prepared with a few simple ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, oil, grated parmesan, chopped chives and instant yeast for savory pies. Once the dough is made, it is left to rest in the refrigerator for an hour and then poured in small doses on the hot waffle maker, which will give the waffles the classic shape. nido d’ape. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, they will conquer young and old alike.

We have chosen a simple filling and tasty: cooked ham, robiola, tomato and salad, but you can stuff them as you like; you can try raw ham, rocket and parmesan flakes, tuna and artichokes, smoked salmon, avocado and fresh spinach, grilled chicken breast and roasted peppers or grilled vegetables and primosale, for a light vegetarian version. You can replace 00 flour with one whole wheat or spelled, cow’s milk with a vegetable drink and enrich the batter with different herbssuch as thyme, mint, basil and parsley, or with spices.

This way you can prepare some delicious sandwiches on any occasion, to be enjoyed alone, with family or friends. Find out how to do it by following the step by step procedure and advice.

How to make salty waffles

Break the eggs into a large bowl 1.

Add the grated Parmesan 2.

Add the chives, finely chopped 3.

Pour in the sunflower oil 4.

Combine the milk 5.

Mix the ingredients with an electric mixer 6.

Add the flour 7.

Combine the instant baking powder for savory preparations 8. Stir again with the electric whisk.

The mixture should be a kind of thick, lump-free batter 9.

Cover with cling film 10 and put the salted waffle dough in the refrigerator for about an hour.

After the standing time has elapsed, take the dough out of the refrigerator and turn on the waffle maker 11.

Using the ladle, pour the mixture onto the hot waffle maker 12.

Close the waffle maker and let the salted waffles cook for about 4 minutes 13.

The waffles will thus take their characteristic shape 14.

Detach the waffles with the help of a spatula 15.

As you cook the waffles, arrange them on a plate and let them cool 16.

Cut the tomato into slices 17.

Spread the robiola on the waffle 18.

Coat the entire surface of the waffles with the cream cheese 19.

Place the ham on top of the cheese 20.

Add the salad leaf 21.

Also add the tomato slice 22.

Cover with the waffle maker 23.

Press gently with your hands to compact the waffle 24.

Cut the salty waffles in half 25.

You got two triangles 26use a wooden toothpick to hold the layers in place.

Savory waffles are ready to be enjoyed in all their goodness 27.


Savory waffles without toppings will keep for Three days in the refrigerator, wrapped in cling film; once stuffed, it is advisable to eat them at the moment or at the latest during the day.

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