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Sesame dumplings: the recipe for preparing Chinese Jian Dui

Sesame dumplings: the recipe for preparing Chinese Jian Dui

The sesame ballsalso known as Jian Duithey are gods chinese stuffed sweets, coated with sesame seeds and fried. Very similar to Japanese mochi, they are prepared with a dough made from glutinous rice flour, water and sugar, which envelops a filling of Ankothe typical adzuki red bean paste.

The recipe for making them is very simple: once the dough has been formed into sweet balls, just fill them with bean paste, roll them in sesame seeds and fry them in plenty of oil. In no time you will have delicious sweets, slightly crunchy on the outside and with a filling that literally melts in your mouth, perfect for serving as a dessert or to accompany a cup of espresso: they are suitable for everyone, even those on a gluten-free diet.

Check out the step-by-step recipe for sesame balls, and if you like Chinese desserts, try fried ice cream too.


For about 15 sesame balls

Red bean paste (anko)

Before preparing the sesame balls, make sure have glutinous rice flour, suitable for the preparation of elastic and malleable dough: in fact, if you use simple rice flour, you will not be able to work the balls. For filling, on the other hand, it is easy to find theAnko in Asian stores or in the best-stocked supermarkets.

How to make Chinese sesame balls

To prepare the sesame balls, start by mixing boiling water and brown sugar until the brown sugar is completely dissolved 1.

Put the glutinous rice flour in a bowl and gradually pour in the sugar-water mixture. Stir continuously, until you obtain a homogeneous and thick paste. 2. If it seems too compact, add a little hot water.

When the rice dough is ready, cut it into a small piece and shape it into a ball the size of a golf ball. 3.

Shape it to form a hollow and put the bean paste inside 4.

Close the ball well and make sure that the filling does not come out: this way you will prevent the sesame balls from opening during cooking. 5.

Once all the poles are formed, pass them through the sesame seeds 6covering them completely and set them aside.

Meanwhile, prepare a pan with the seed oil and wait for it to reach a temperature of 170°C. At this point you can use an alternate method to check the temperature of the oil, or a good cooking thermometer if you have one. To keep the oil temperature constant, fry a few balls at a time, turning them occasionally until golden brown. 7.

Transfer them to a sheet of absorbent paper to remove the excess oil, let them cool for ten minutes and serve: the sweet sesame balls are ready to be tasted 8.

To advise

You can vary the filling of the sesame balls according to your taste and stuff them with hazelnut cream or jam mixed with dried fruit, or, if you like oriental flavors, you can use the black sesame pasteOf Sweet potatoes Oh you pumpkin seeds instead ofAnko (red bean paste).


Sesame balls are excellent freshly made, warm and crunchy. However, if there are any left, you can keep them in the refrigeratorhermetically sealed in an airtight container, for 3-4 days.

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