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Smart lemon ice cream: the quick recipe to prepare it soft and fragrant

Smart lemon ice cream: the quick recipe to prepare it soft and fragrant

He homemade lemon ice cream it is fresh and easy to prepare, an alternative to the classic lemon ice cream recipe, made in a few minutes and only with 4 ingredients: lemon, cream, condensed milk and yellow food coloring, without ice cream maker. A very simple and quick preparation that does not freeze in the freezer: the ice, in fact, will remain sweet and fragrant ready to taste.

Once ready, serve the clever lemon ice cream in the classic cups or on the ice cream cone and enjoy it for the to taste or serve it as dessertServed with Slices of lemons. Here are the steps to make it creamy and irresistible.

You can add 2 tablespoons of Limoncello, if you prefer, it will make the ice cream more aromatic and will not let it freeze, thanks to the presence of alcohol. You can also omit the yellow food coloring or substitute it with a pinch of turmeric.


yellow food coloring

How to make smart lemon ice cream

In a bowl, combine the condensed milk, lemon zest and juice 1.

Add food coloring and continue mixing until smooth 2.

Whip cream until stiff 3.

Mix the cream with the lemon mixture and mix well 4.

Transfer the ice cream to the loaf pan and level with the spatula 5.

Leave in the freezer for 8 hours 6.

The smart lemon ice cream is ready to enjoy seven.


You can keep homemade lemon ice cream in the freezer for 4-5 days well covered with cling film.

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