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Spring salad: the recipe for a fresh and colorful dish

Spring salad: the recipe for a fresh and colorful dish



Red and yellow cherry tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

L’spring salad It is a delicious, fresh recipe full of colorful vegetables, typical of the Spring season. It is made with baby spinach, lettuce, artichoke hearts, zucchini, zucchini flowers, carrots, and yellow and red cherry tomatoes that, combined with primosale cheese, are transformed into a second either single dish healthy and light, to complete with a few slices of freshly toasted wholemeal bread or croutons.

Get ready, it really is very easy: after having cut the courgettes into slices, they are roasted on a very hot griddle, long enough for them to soften a little; then they wash them saladslettuce and baby spinach, chopped i Cherry tomatoes in half and then cut the zucchini flowers into thin strips, once clean and without pistils.

He carrots They can be cut into julienne strips or, as we did, into very thin strips with the help of a potato peeler. HE artichokestender and fragrant, we add them raw in thin slices, after having left them to soak in water and lemon to prevent them from blackening.

To make the spring salad a rich and complete dish, we have added the spring, but, if you want to give it a more decisive touch, you can add a seasoned cheese or simply a little mozzarella or crumbled Greek feta cheese. Simply seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and served with a dip Accompaniment Made with Greek yogurt, honey and mustard, it is perfect for any family lunch or dinner.

Crispy and tasty, it can also be enriched with other ingredients: black and green olives, pepper strips, arugula, lamb’s lettuce, cucumber slices, canned corn, boiled legumes, chopped eggs, etc. As bandage You can also opt for a cream made with tahina sauce, lemon juice and soy yogurt or with a delicious avocado guacamole: for best results, we recommend using the hass variety, with a creamy and buttery consistency.

Find out how to prepare it by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. Also try the Greek salad and the asparagus salad.

How to make spring salad

Wash, trim and cut the zucchini into slices. 1. Grill them on a hot plate for a few minutes: they should be soft, but not mushy.

Cut the cap of the zucchini flowers thus eliminating the pistils 2.

Cut the zucchini flowers into thin strips 3. Rinse them under cold running water and let them drain.

Remove the outer leaves and the tip of the artichokes, thus reaching the tender heart 4.

Cut the artichoke hearts into very thin slices and soak them in water and lemon to prevent them from blackening. 5.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half 6.

Soak salads in cold water and rinse well to remove any earthy residue. 7.

Drain salads and transfer to a large bowl. 8.

Add the zucchini to the grill 9.

Add the zucchini flowers and cherry tomatoes. 10.

Continue with the artichokes eleven.

Add the chopped primosale 12.

Then the carrots in strips 13.

Season with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt 14.

mix gently fifteen.

Distribute the spring salad on individual plates and serve it at the table, accompanied by the yogurt, mustard and honey sauce sixteen.


The spring salad is eaten freshly prepared or at the latest within the day, keeping it in the refrigerator, well covered with transparent film.

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