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Stracciatella ice cream biscuits: the recipe for making them at home without an ice cream maker

Stracciatella ice cream biscuits: the recipe for making them at home without an ice cream maker

I Stracciatella ice cream biscuits they are gods snack greedy and refreshing, perfect for snack children but also loved by adults. Their shape resembles that of a sandwich: a double layer of biscotti contains a creamy stracciatella ice cream, prepared with whipping cream, mascarpone e chocolate flakes. Our ice cream recipe is without eggsalso suitable for the intolerant, and is prepared without ice cream makerready in minutes.

Preparing a biscuit ice cream at home like the ones you buy in supermarkets and ice cream parlors is really simple: chopped dark chocolate, chopped dark chocolate, crumbled wafers which will add crunchiness and a dash of coffee, which can also be omitted. The cream thus obtained will cover the first layer of dry biscuits softened in milk, and will then in turn be covered by a second layer of biscuits. The rest of 4 ore in freezerfinally, it will make the ice creams compact but not frozen, ready to be enjoyed.

As biscuits you can choose the ones you prefer: classic, wholemeal, cocoa or cereal, the important thing is that they are rectangular or square, so that they perfectly fill the pan. Even for the choice of chocolate you can rely on what you like: the intense taste of dark chocolate creates a pleasant contrast with the sweetness of the other ingredients, but the ice cream is also excellent with milk chocolate.

Here are all the steps required to make stracciatella ice cream biscuits quickly and easily.

How to prepare stracciatella ice cream biscuits

In a bowl whip the cream with the mascarpone 1.

Add the grated dark chocolate, coffee and crumbled wafers 2.

Mix well to obtain the stracciatella cream 3.

Dip the dry biscuits in milk and place them in a rectangular springform tin or a baking dish 4.

Add the cream and level it with the help of a spatula 5.

Cover with a second layer of biscuits and leave in the freezer for 4 hours 6.

Obtain the individual ice creams by following the biscuit line with a knife 7.

If you like, sprinkle them with cocoa powder 8.

The stracciatella ice cream biscuits are ready to be served 9.


Stracciatella ice cream biscuits can be kept for approx 2 weeks in the freezer in an airtight container.

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