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Stuffed bagel: the recipe of the famous New York street food

Stuffed bagel: the recipe of the famous New York street food


For the vegetarian filling

Extra virgin olive oil

Dried Tomatoes in Oil

For the fish filling

Herbs (to taste)

Extra virgin olive oil

For the meat filling

Il stuffed bagel it’s a sandwich soft and very tasty. Famous street food newyorkesewith its characteristic donut shape, it is perfect for brunch on Sundays, for an informal dinner with friends or for a quick meal by the sea or in the office. Here we have prepared it in three different variations, one more delicious than the other: from that with roast beef, robiola and mixed salad, to that with smoked salmon, aromatic herbs and yoghurt sauce, to vegetarian version made with grilled zucchini, caramelized onions and a rich cream based on feta and dried tomatoes in oil.

Before filling the bagels, we suggest you heat them for a few moments on one grill very hot, with the part to be stuffed lying on the plate: you will get a soft and fragrant sandwich at the same time and the final result will be even tastier. To significantly reduce preparation time, you can buy ready-made bagels, to be assembled in a few minutes, or you can pack them at home following our advice.

From rather uncertain origins, bagels would have been born in Krakow in 1683 by a young baker who, to celebrate the victory of the Polish king Jean Sobiesky III against the Ottoman Empire, created a bread in the shape of a stirrup (from the German hanger, stirrup) in honor of the victorious knight. Arrived in the United States many years later, with the mass migrations of the 20th centuryimmediately met with great success among the Jewish communities that made them a distinctive sign of their cuisine.

Find out how to prepare the stuffed bagel by following the step by step procedure and advice. If you liked this recipe, try your hand at the cheeseburger too.

How to prepare the stuffed bagel

Make the veggie bagel: Finely slice the onion 1.

Collect it in a non-stick pan with the brown sugar 2 and let it dry on a gentle flame, until it caramelizes.

Blend with the balsamic vinegar 3 and reduce the cooking juices, then remove from heat and let cool.

Chop the feta cheese with your hands 4 and collect it in the glass of a mixer.

Add the dried tomatoes 5well drained from the conservation oil.

Pour in the oil and milk, perfume with a sprinkling of oregano 6 and blend until you get a thick and full-bodied cream (add a drop of milk if necessary).

Wash the courgette and slice it lengthwise with a sharp knife 7or with a mandolin.

Arrange the sliced ​​courgette on a hot plate 8, and cook for a few minutes on both sides; then turn off and set aside.

Cut the bagel in half and spread the base with the cream of feta and dried tomatoes 9.

Place the grilled zucchini 10.

Add the caramelized onions 11 and close the bagel with the second half. Stuff another bagel in the same way and set aside.

Make the fish bagel: chop the herbs 12.

Collect the yogurt in a small bowl, add a drizzle of oil and mix with a teaspoon 13.

Incorporate the chopped herbs 14.

Season with salt and pepper, add a drop of vinegar and mix with a teaspoon 15.

Divide the bagel in half and fill it with the yogurt sauce 16.

Arrange the salmon slices on top 17.

Complete with some rocket leaves 18, previously washed and dried, and close with the second half of the bagel. Stuff another sandwich in the same way and set aside.

Make the meat bagel: Cut the bread in half with a sharp knife 19.

Spread the robiola on the base 20.

Add two slices of roast beef 21

Follow with the cucumber 22cut into thin slices.

Add the tomato too 23washed and cut into slices.

Complete with the mixed salad 24 and close the bagel with the second half; then continue stuffing the remaining bagel in the same way.

Bring bagels with various fillings to the table 25and serve.


The stuffed bagel can be stored in the refrigerator, in an airtight container, for 1 day massimo.

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