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Stuffed Hasselback sandwich: the simple and appetizing recipe

Stuffed Hasselback sandwich: the simple and appetizing recipe

Il Hasselback-style sandwich is an original and fanciful idea to recycle loaf of bread o to baguette that you have bought in excess: a simple and delicious recipe, to be served as antipasto or for one brunch domenicalecut into slices, or to be enjoyed for quick summer lunch, whole or in half. It is a variant of the Hasselback potatoes, a Swedish recipe born in ristorante Hasselbackenby the chef Leif Elissonin 1953: the word Hasselback refers to the perpendicular cutand which is usually done on potatoes, in this case on the sandwich.

The preparation is really simple and fast: in our recipe we stuffed the sandwiches with pomodoro, sliced ​​cheese and basil pesto, but you can vary the filling with the ingredients you prefer or have available. Once stuffed, the sandwiches will be passed in the oven for about 10 minutes.

If you liked this preparation, also try the Sicilian recipe of cunzatu bread, or that of the gypsy of Ischia, two tantalizing and quick preparations useful for recycling stale bread.


Sliced ​​soft cheese

How to make the Hasselback sandwich

Make cuts on the sandwiches 1 and stuff the openings with the tomato slices 2 and the slices of cheese 3.

Add a tablespoon of pesto to each slot 4. Arrange the sandwiches on the non-stick pan 5 and bake in the oven at 180 ° C for 10 minutes. Hasselback-style sandwiches are ready to serve 6.


It is advisable to consume the Hasselback sandwich immediately after preparation or, in any case, in the day.

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