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Temaki: the recipe for Japanese cone-shaped sushi

Temaki: the recipe for Japanese cone-shaped sushi

He temaki is the kind of Sushi larger and more recognizable, thanks to the cone shape and for the richness of the ingredients that come out of it. Temaki literally means “sushi a mano” for, typically, it was served in the hands of the Japanese.

The preparation of temaki is simpler than that of hosomaki or uramaki: in our recipe, made by Chef Michele Ghedini for the Address Book Sushi Guruwe are going to prepare the temaki with Salmon tartare e Lawyerwhich will be wrapped insalary wantsforming a cone. Prepare it to enrich your plate of sushi by following Michele Ghedini’s recipe step by step.

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Pre-cooked sushi rice

Sautéed salmon fillet

How to prepare homemade temaki

Prepare the sushi rice. Once cooked, let it sit in the pan with the lid on for 20 minutes, so that the rice absorbs the steam 1.

Now prepare the temaki: cut the salmon fillet into coarse pieces 2.

Put the salmon in a bowl with the chives and soy sauce 3 and leave to marinate.

Take 50g of rice and place it on one side of the nori seaweed 4.

Add the salmon tartare and a few slices of avocado 5.

Lift the bottom corner of the nori and roll it up. Seal with rice on the side 6.

The temaki is ready to be served seven.


You can replace the salmon and avocado tartare with the tuna fillet already beaten, crab meat, shrimp tempura and replace the lawyer with the cucumber and enrich the preparation with the addition of Sesame seeds. You can also serve temaki with soy sauce or with wasabi.


It is important to serve temaki immediately after preparationbecause fish can spoil easily.

However, you can prepare the make ahead sushi rice: if you need to use it after a few hours, leave it covered with a damp cloth. If, on the contrary, you want to use it the next day, let it cool and keep it in the refrigerator. Take it out at least a few hours before using it, as it will need to be at room temperature.

How do you eat temaki?

The tamaki is usually 10 cm long and you eat with your hands because too big to eat with chopsticks. Take it between your index finger and your thumb and be careful when eating it, because the the bottom could open: for this reason we advise you, in the preparation, to seal the cone with a few grains of rice next to it, before closing the temaki.

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