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Thailand made it easier for tourists to visit by updating the visa requirements to include that vaccination is required

Thailand made it easier for tourists to visit by updating the visa requirements to include that vaccination is required

The country will eliminate the pre-travel PCR test requirement for vaccinated visitors on April 1. Thailand is set to become the latest nation to relax pandemic-era restrictions and abolish all mandatory pre-arrival tests for its visitors.

Starting next month, the country will waive the pre-travel test requirement for visitors who have already been vaccinated. They plan to keep other measures in place. Current guidelines require you to be vaccinated and provide proof of a COVID-19 PCR test taken 72 trips ago.

The decision to ease pandemic protocols comes from Thailand and it is based on the country’s plans for COVID-19. These plans will divide the disease into 4 phases: a pandemic, an endemic disease, a near-endemic, and a recovered country.

Pre-arrival tests are no longer compulsory. However, international visitors can still depart from Thailand as a “TEST; GO” participant if they agree to take the PCR test and an antigen self-test on arrival.

Travelers must go through certain steps and requirements before getting a tourist visa to visit Cuba. For example, they must have a prepaid reservation for one night at a government-approved hotel and hold an insurance policy with coverage of at least $20,000.

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Thailand was the first country to welcome international tourists without quarantines as part of its Phuket Sandbox program back in July 2031. However, these travelers had to remain on the island. In November, Thailand allowed tourists to visit most other parts of the country without any kind of pre-or post-condition. By December, though, it had tightened border controls and implemented a quarantine due to the emergence of an omicron variant in Thailand.

In February, the country brought back its ‘Test; Go Thailand Pass’ program, which allows visitors from abroad to travel anywhere in the country without being quarantined.

Thailand is taking steps to make travel more lenient for tourists, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn Americans against going there as there is currently a “very high” rate of COVID-19 transmission. Thailand’s current situation is really tensing with around 24,000 new infections each day.

The country has vaccinated about 71.8% of its population, according to a report by John Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center .” He could be feeling quite sick by now,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease physician at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre who was not involved in the study. Adalja added that it is likely that many people who were vaccinated but did not receive the vaccine on time were infected.

Thailand has relaxed some of its border restrictions to combat the current world pandemic. Last month, Iceland dropped all restrictions at the country’s borders. Ireland and Aruba also followed suit shortly afterward, with Canada dropping pre-arrival testing for Zika virus next month.

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