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The 15 Largest Islands within the World

Islands are among the most stunning locations world wide since they’re surrounded by water. These landmasses have nice sunrises and sunsets and the potential for all kinds of time away from others. Though we’d consider small landmasses when contemplating islands, the reality is that the biggest islands on the earth are fairly sizable and comprise plenty of the world’s inhabitants. Check out the 15 largest islands on the earth and see how massive they’re, the place they’re situated, and the inhabitants that lives on them.  

What Is an Island?

An island is an space of land that’s surrounded completely by water. That definition is sort of easy to grasp, but it surely comes with some caveats.

What Is Not Thought-about an Island (For Our Functions)

Islands are outdoors continental landmasses.

Viacheslav Lopatin/

An island is just not a continental landmass. In any case, the key continental landmasses of Oceania, the Americas, or Afro-Eurasia are a lot bigger than and explicit island by itself. That’s the reason we’re going to separate the record and solely take a look at islands which are nations quite than continents.

Nevertheless, the biggest landmasses can be the next so as:

  1. Afro-Eurasia
  2. Americas
  3. Antarctica
  4. Australia (the opposite parts of Oceania can be absorbed into the Afro-Eurasia)

With that settled, we are able to now take an in depth take a look at the biggest islands that exist world wide right now.

The 15 Largest Islands within the World

1653953458 143 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
A bunch of islands close to a shoreline.

Ajan Alen/

The islands on this record vary from 42,458 miles (concerning the dimension of Mississippi) to 822,720 miles (bigger than Alaska). As well as, you is likely to be shocked how populated a few of these islands are. One even has near 150 million folks on it! Let’s dive in to every island from fifteenth largest to first.

15. Luzon

1653953458 229 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Luzon is a extremely populated island

Anna ART/

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
42,458 Philippines 64,260,312

The island of Luzon is the biggest one in the entire Philippines. That is additionally probably the most populous island in the complete nation, and it’s a part of a significant island group that features many individuals and ethnic teams. This island is the fourth most populous one on the earth, and it has many cities together with the capital metropolis of Manila. The island is situated in Southeast Asia.

14. North Island

1653953458 337 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
North Island is the northern half of New Zealand

ian woolcock/

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
43,082 New Zealand 3,925,000

Te Ika-a-Maui is the official identify of the North Island in New Zealand. The nation is cut up into two massive islands after which a number of hundred smaller ones. Regardless of being smaller than the South Island by a good margin, this island homes many extra folks in comparison with the opposite. New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, is situated on this island together with a number of different cities and concrete areas.

13. Java

1653953458 328 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Java is probably the most populous island in the complete world

actual Denis Feldmann/

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
53,589 Indonesia 147,795,436

The Indonesian island referred to as Java is the island with the best inhabitants with over 140 million folks calling this space residence. The island is residence to over 50% of the nation’s whole inhabitants. Java is residence to volcanoes, lush forests, and plains, making it ecologically distinctive. The island is a cultural and spiritual melting pot that options folks with many beliefs akin to Buddhism, Shaivism, and Islam.

12. South Island

1653953459 466 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
South Island is only a portion of New Zealand


Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
56,308 New Zealand 1,196,000

The South Island of New Zealand is bigger than the North Island, however it’s not practically as populous. The official identify of this island is Te Waipounamu. This island is a well-liked vacationer attraction owing to the wonderful ski areas and its settings within the Lord of the Rings collection. The island is stuffed with nationwide parks and guarded areas which are stunning or culturally important.

11. Sulawesi

1653953459 180 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Sulawesi is one in all a number of massive islands comprising Indonesia


Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
69,761 Indonesia 19,896,951

Sulawesi is among the 4 Higher Sunda Islands which are situated in Indonesia. This island is very populated with over 19 million folks dwelling all through the land. The land is residence to Mount Tongkoko, a volcano, a volcano that has been dormant for hundreds of years. The island continues to realize new residents and incorporates about 7% of the inhabitants of Indonesia.  

10. Ellesmere Island

1653953459 814 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
As of 2020, Ellesmere Island is residence to the geomagnetic North Pole

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
75,767 Canada 191

Canada’s Ellesmere Island is the island situated furthest north within the nation. Though it’s the 10th largest island on the earth, it’s solely barely smaller than Nice Britain. Though it’s fairly massive, the island is just residence to about 200 folks as a result of its harsh setting. The northernmost settlement on the earth is named Alert, and it’s situated on this island though it’s not used as a army base any longer.

9. Nice Britain

1653191495 954 Crowded Paradise The 10 Most Populated Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Nice Britain is the biggest portion of the UK


Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
80,823 U.Okay. 60,800,000

Nice Britain is a big and extremely populated island that’s situated off the northwest coast of continental Europe that homes most the UK. This island is believed to have been related to continental Europe till about 8,000 -10,000 years in the past. Nice Britain is the world’s third most populous island in existence right now, and its inhabitants continues to be on the rise.

8. Victoria Island

1653953459 192 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Victoria Island is known as for Queen Victoria

Andrew Harvey / Artistic Commons – License

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
83,897 Canada 2,162

Victoria Island is one other massive island that’s situated in Canada. Like Ellesmere Island, this one may be very sparsely populated with solely 2,162 folks dwelling on it. The island was named for Queen Victoria, and it’s considerably formed like a maple leaf, a logo for Canada. The island may be very far north within the Arctic Archipelago, and it’s near the Northwest Territories of Canada.

7. Honshu

1653953459 371 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Honshu is residence to many main cities, together with Tokyo

Phuong D. Nguyen/

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
87,200 Japan 104,000,000

Honshu is the island in Japan with the very best inhabitants of individuals, totaling over 100 million people and over 80 p.c of the entire inhabitants. Honshu is residence to Tokyo in addition to many different massive cities and prefectures. The world is thought for its wonderful infrastructure that permits so many individuals to dwell and thrive within the space. Additionally, the island is getting larger as a result of land reclamation tasks occurring.

6. Sumatra

1653953459 559 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
The rainforests in Sumatra are residence to many endangered species

Syukri Erwin/

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
171,068 Indonesia 58,557,000

The island of Sumatra is one other massive island situated in Indonesia. The island is fascinating due to its wonderful rainforests and distinctive animal species just like the Sumatran Tiger and Sumatran Elephant. Sadly, this space has undergone extreme deforestation that has led to many animal species turning into extinct lately.

5. Baffin Island

1653953459 391 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Canada’s Baffin Island is residence to harmful polar bears


Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
195,928  Canada 13,148

Baffin Island is the biggest island in Canada, and it’s very far north. This island is residence to many polar bears and ringed seals in addition to nesting birds. The island can also be residence to folks that work on the island in locations akin to iron mines. The small inhabitants of individuals on the island, simply 13,000, is generally Inuit people.

4. Madagascar

1653114202 249 5 of the Most Amazing Islands in the Indian Ocean - August 12, 2022
Madagascar is the biggest island in Africa

Vaclav Sebek/

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
226,658 Madagascar is its personal nation 27,690,000

Madagascar is an island off the east coast of Africa’s Mozambique. The massive island is residence to over 27 million folks. This land has many alternative geological areas that embody mountains, plains, lowlands, marshes, and extra. The island is residence to many vegetation and animals, some which are present in just a few different locations on the earth. Nevertheless, the island is dealing with extreme environmental issues within the type of flooding, erosion, and air pollution.

3. Borneo

1653152387 268 8 Types of Habitats - August 12, 2022
Borneo is residence to the oldest rainforests on the earth


Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
288,869 Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei 23,720,000

Borneo is a really fascinating nation as a result of it’s divided into area into three totally different nations. Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia every personal a part of this island. As such, the realm may be very numerous by way of social and cultural parts. The island incorporates among the oldest rainforests in the complete world, and people rainforests are residence to many animals just like the Bornean orangutan. The biodiversity of Borneo is solely immense, and plenty of species of vegetation and animals thrive on this island.  

2. New Guinea

1653152388 929 8 Types of Habitats - August 12, 2022
Indonesia and Papua New Guinea management a part of the New Guinea island


Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
303,381 Indonesia and Papua New Guinea 14,800,000

The island of New Guinea can also be divided between two nations. Specifically, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea every management roughly half of the island. This island is the second-largest one in the complete world, and it has a big inhabitants to match with some 14 million folks dwelling right here. New Guinea has unbelievable biodiversity in addition to distinctive settlements of individuals dwelling on it.  

1. Greenland

1653953460 30 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Denmark has made Greenland a province

Kim Ries Jensen/

Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
822,700 Island province of Denmark 56,732

Greenland is the biggest island in the complete world. Though it’s the most important island, it technically belongs to a a lot smaller nation, Denmark. Regardless of the dimensions distinction, Greenland has fewer folks than Denmark with 56,000 folks in contrast with Denmark’s 5.8 million folks. With their sizes mixed, Greenland helps diminutive Denmark rank twelfth for the biggest nation on the earth.

How Many Individuals Reside on Islands within the World?

1653953460 470 The 15 Largest Islands in the World - August 12, 2022
Java is probably the most populated island on the earth.

Galyna Andrushko/

About 730 million folks, over 10% of the world’s inhabitants, at present dwell on islands. Though some folks would possibly suppose that islands are small or sparsely populated, the reality is that they’re extensively populated by many individuals.

Java is probably the most populated island in the complete world, with a inhabitants that exceeds 147 million folks regardless of the island solely being the 13th largest island on the earth. That ought to provide you with some perception into how massive the island is and the way many individuals dwell in a comparatively small area.

A Listing of the Largest Islands within the World

Here’s a record of the biggest islands on the earth:

Rank Island Space (Sq. Miles) Location Inhabitants
1 Greenland 822,700 Province of Denmark 56,732
2 New Guinea 303,381 Indonesia and Papua New Guinea 14,800,000
3 Borneo 288,869 Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei 23,720,000
4 Madagascar 226,658 Madagascar 27,690,000
5 Baffin Island 195,928 Canada 13,148
6 Sumatra 171,068 Indonesia 55,557,000
7 Honshu 87,200 Japan 104,000,000
8 Victoria Island 83,897 Canada 2,162
9 Nice Britain 80,823 U.Okay. 60,800,000
10 Ellesmere Island 75,767 Canada 191
11 Sulawesi 68,761 Indonesia 19,896,951
12 South Island 56,308 New Zealand 1,196,000
13 Java 53,589 Indonesia 147,795,436
14 North Island 43,082 New Zealand 3,925,000
15 Luzon 42,458 Philippines 64,260,312

Ultimate Ideas on the Largest Island within the World     

1653028392 218 10 Incredible Atlantic Ocean Islands - August 12, 2022
Greenland is the biggest island on the earth however has a mere fraction the world’s whole island inhabitants.

Beata Tabak/

Greenland is the biggest island on the earth, but it surely’s sparsely populated in comparison with many different islands that exist. With a mere 56,000 folks dwelling on this province of Denmark and over 147 million dwelling on Java, it’s clear that dimension isn’t the one indicator of an island’s significance.

All in all, though these islands are very massive, they pale compared to the dimensions of different main landmasses. That simply reveals how very massive the Earth is and the way a lot of the realm people must dwell in.

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