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The 15 Largest Rivers in america

The USA is house to some huge rivers. These rivers have served as technique of transport, livelihoods for fishers, boundaries, and extra. It’s solely pure to surprise, what are the 15 largest rivers in america? Don’t fear, we’ve got you coated. Check out our listing and study these attention-grabbing our bodies of water!

What’s a River?

A river is principally a flowing supply of water that drains into an even bigger physique


A river is outlined as a transferring stream of water that flows into a bigger physique of water, normally an ocean, and has outlined banks. That definition is a bit imprecise, but it surely ought to provide you with an concept of what we’re speaking about. Now, how will we outline the biggest rivers?

Once we contemplate the biggest rivers, we’re searching for size somewhat than discharge quantities. We might measure them by best width or one other measure, too. Nevertheless, measuring size is a straightforward and truthful option to decide the biggest rivers within the U.S.  

The Largest Rivers in america

The 15 Largest Rivers in the United States - August 20, 2022
The most important rivers in america happen all through the nation

In our longest rivers on the planet listing, we measured river techniques. So, for instance, the Missouri River flows into the Mississippi and is a part of a single watershed. Nevertheless, on this listing of the biggest rivers in america, we’ll solely study particular person rivers. So, for the sake of this listing, the place the Missouri connects to the Mississippi is the place its size ends.

15. Inexperienced River- 730 miles

1653975387 514 The 15 Largest Rivers in the United States - August 20, 2022
Inexperienced River is a somewhat deep river


The Inexperienced River flows by means of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. This river has many cities on its banks, but it surely additionally flows by means of a whole lot of rural areas like Cut up Mountain Canyon. The river is understood for being very sturdy and deep, over 50 toes in depth. Additionally, the Inexperienced River measures between 100 to 1,500 toes vast all through its course, making it a really important span of water.  

14. Brazos River- 840 miles

1653905780 308 The 12 Longest Rivers in - August 20, 2022
The river’s title is Spanish for “the arms of God”


The Brazos River solely flows by means of Texas, and it flows throughout a really giant portion of the state. The river begins within the north-central portion of the state and flows to the Gulf of Mexico by Freeport. Though Brazos River is understood for being an vital leisure space, the very fact stays that the water high quality is troublesome. The river will get runoff from farms and industrial websites alike. But, it’s a preferred vacation spot for searching, fishing, and tenting.  

13. Colorado River of Texas- 862 miles

Discover the 15 Largest Rivers in Florida - August 20, 2022
Whereas complicated, the Colorado River in Texas doesn’t go away the state

Roschetzky Pictures/

The Colorado River in Texas is one other giant river that flows throughout a big portion of the state. This one begins within the northwest a part of the state, close to Lubbock. From there, it passes by means of the state, into Austin, after which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The title doesn’t come from the state, although; it refers to a reddish shade. The river is important to farming efforts all through the state in addition to hydroelectric energy manufacturing.

12. Canadian River- 906 miles

1653905780 269 The 12 Longest Rivers in - August 20, 2022
The Canadian River’s title origin is a thriller


The Canadian River is nowhere close to Canada. It flows by means of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. Resulting from its distant nature, typically shallow depth, and considerably low discharge charge, the river doesn’t get many guests. The Canadian River’s mouth is the Arkansas River, which it joins and continues to circulation.

11. Tennessee River- 935 miles

The 12 Longest Rivers in - August 20, 2022
The Tennessee River is a well-known leisure setting

Kevin Ruck/

The extra aptly named Tennessee River is a big physique of water that flows by means of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky. It snakes by means of the western portion of its namesake state, dips into the south, after which comes up the japanese a part of the state. The river has many cities on its banks, and it’s well-known for being dammed a number of occasions. The river is known for its leisure functions together with riverboats.

10. Ohio River- 981 miles

1653133424 553 6 Oldest Rivers in the United States - August 20, 2022
The Ohio River sustains many cities

ESB Skilled/

The Ohio River is a really giant river that flows into Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana together with its practically 1,000-mile circulation. The river has been used for transport and as a state boundary prior to now. It’s house to many giant cities together with Louisville, Kentucky, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. This river is somewhat vast, too, reaching over a mile in width at some elements. Finally, the Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River.

9. Snake River- 1,040 miles

1653975388 90 The 15 Largest Rivers in the United States - August 20, 2022
Snake River’s title comes from misinterpreted signal language

Barry Bjork/

The Snake River has been house to Native Individuals for over 10,000 years, and it was one of many areas explored throughout the Lewis and Clark expedition. The title stems from misinterpreted signal language that was presupposed to imply basket weaving, but it surely was interpreted as “snake”. The river winds by means of Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho within the Pacific Northwest. This river is essential to salmon spawning, hydroelectric energy technology, and agriculture. Nevertheless, it has been enormously polluted from runoff in recent times.

8. Columbia River- 1,243 miles

1653090605 765 12 Prettiest Rivers In the United States - August 20, 2022
Columbia River has the most important discharge into the Pacific Ocean of any river

The Columbia River flows by means of Oregon and Washington in america. Nevertheless, it additionally flows into British Columbia in Canada. The river’s mouth is within the Pacific Ocean. The river is known for having the biggest river discharge into the Pacific in North or South America. The discharge quantity is 265,000 cubic toes per second, an unlimited quantity. The river was a boundary and a supply of meals for indigenous peoples for about 15,000 years.

7. Crimson River- 1,360 miles

1653975388 78 The 15 Largest Rivers in the United States - August 20, 2022
Crimson River is known for being a saltwater river

Though it’s typically known as the Crimson River of the South, the title comes from the reddish shade of the water. The Crimson River flows by means of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Not like most different rivers within the U.S., this river is saline. The river’s mouth is within the Atchafalaya River the place it continues to circulation into the Gulf of Mexico.

6. Colorado River- 1,450 miles

12 Prettiest Rivers In the United States - August 20, 2022
The Colorado River helped carve the Grand Canyon


The Colorado River flows by means of many states together with Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, and Nevada. Finally, the river flows into the Gulf of California which is situated in Mexico. This river flows by means of the Grand Canyon and was utilized by early explorers on this a part of the world for navigation. The Colorado River was integral to the lives of Native Individuals for hundreds of years. Additionally, the river continues to profit individuals in the present day as a supply of water and energy.

5. Arkansas River- 1,469 miles

1653814196 841 The 10 Longest Rivers in North America - August 20, 2022 Dean Shelton

Flowing by means of the Nice Plains, the Arkansas River crosses Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The mouth of this river is the Mississippi River. The Arkansas River is the second-largest tributary of the Mississippi River. Though the river is widespread for fishing in the present day, it had critical strategic worth throughout the American Civil Battle as a supply of transferring troops.

4. Rio Grande- 1,885 miles

1653814196 642 The 10 Longest Rivers in North America - August 20, 2022
Rio Grande is a well-known crossing between the U.S. and Mexico Meland

The Rio Grande flows between the U.S. and Mexico. In america, it flows by means of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. The river isn’t very deep, with the deepest portion solely reaching 60 toes of depth. The river’s mouth is situated within the Gulf of Mexico. Rio Grande is used as a boundary between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, cities situated within the U.S. and Mexico, respectively.

3. Yukon River- 1,982 miles

1653810537 263 The 10 Longest Rivers in Canada - August 20, 2022
Yukon River flows throughout all the width of Alaska

Though some individuals solely measure the size of the Yukon River within the U.S. when contemplating its dimension, we’re going to incorporate all the factor on the listing to ease potential confusion. The Yukon River flows from Yukon and British Columbia into Alaska, the place it runs clear throughout the large state and drains into the Bering Sea. A contemporary venture by the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council is in search of to return this river to its former glory, making the water drinkable.

2. Mississippi River- 2,320 miles

1653095089 39 13 of the Most Polluted Rivers in the World 2 - August 20, 2022
The Mississippi River is comparable in dimension to the Missouri River

The Mississippi River is an immense river that flows by means of 10 completely different states earlier than it will definitely finds its option to the Gulf of Mexico. The river has been used for transport, a supply of meals, and a supply of water. As such, practically a dozen main communities have been constructed alongside the river. The Mississippi River can also be house to many engineering initiatives, together with holding the circulation of water into the Atchafalaya River in test.

1. Missouri River- 2,341 miles

1653814197 148 The 10 Longest Rivers in North America - August 20, 2022
Missouri River is the biggest river Howieson

Though the Mississippi River will get all the eye, the Missouri River is the biggest river in america! This river flows by means of 7 states and ultimately flows into the Mississippi River. In some methods, these rivers comprise a bigger physique of water as a part of a unified system. In St. Louis, the place the place the rivers meet, the 2 rivers have noticeable variations when it comes to shade, with the silt within the Missouri River making it appear loads lighter.

What’s the Largest River in america?

The Missouri River is the biggest river in america. Though it’s shut in size to the Mississippi River, the Missouri River is the clear winner. The attention-grabbing factor about measuring these rivers is {that a} truthful variety of disagreements exist concerning their lengths. Some measurements would put the 2 largest rivers inside one mile of one another when it comes to size!


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