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The 20 Largest Lakes in america

Lakes are both freshwater or saltwater aquatic settings that usually maintain a major quantity of water. America is house to quite a lot of lakes, together with a couple of of the biggest lakes on the earth! But, we will additionally check out the out there info to find out which of the lakes within the U.S. are the largest. We’ve provide you with a listing of the 20 largest lakes within the U.S., and we’ll present you ways they rank by space, size, and depth!

What’s a Lake?

It’s necessary to know what lakes are earlier than we outline the 20 largest lakes within the U.S. Many individuals marvel concerning the distinction between a lake and a pond as a result of they’re so comparable. Nevertheless, a lake has the next qualities:

  1. Depth: Lakes are deeper than ponds, reaching no less than 20 ft in depth typically.
  2. Form: Lakes have a extra oval-like form than ponds
  3. Water Kind: Lakes are largely freshwater, however they can be brackish or saline. Ponds are solely freshwater.
  4. Open outlet: Lakes have a gap to different our bodies of water from which they derive their water.
  5. Dimension: Lakes are usually bigger than 0.3 sq. miles.

These ideas ought to make it easier to perceive what a lake is and the way it’s totally different from different types of water like ponds, oceans, and rivers.

The 20 Largest Lakes in america

America is house to an enormous variety of lakes. Lots of the lakes within the U.S. are among the many largest that exist. Wanting on the 20 largest lakes within the U.S., it’s clear that the largest ones are considerably bigger than the others even inside this listing. Our listing will provide you with an concept of how huge a few of these our bodies of water are relative to lakes close to you. 

20. Wet Lake

Wet Lake is positioned in Minnesota and Canada

Ken Lund / flickr – License

Space Size Depth
360 sq mi 50 mi 106 ft

Wet Lake is a pure lake that’s on the border of Minnesota and Canada, so it’s not positioned fully inside the U.S. This a part of the U.S. will get very chilly within the winter, and this lake is the location of many winter sports activities. Individuals come from all around the space to go fishing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling across the lake which requires an ice highway for entry.

19. The Salton Sea

1654008348 937 The 20 Largest Lakes in California - August 9, 2022
The Salton Sea is simply as salty because it sounds


Space Size Depth
343 sq mi 34.8 mi 43 ft

Because the identify suggests, Salton Lake is a saltwater lake, and it’s man-made. This lake is fully inside the state of California, and tasks started in 1900 to show this space right into a river. Apparently, this lake is known as a sea, and it has a better salinity than the close by Pacific Ocean.

18. Fort Peck Lake

1653803217 335 The 10 Largest Man Made Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Fort Peck Lake was first crammed in 1947 as a part of a dam system on the Missouri River

Space Size Depth
393 sq mi 134 mi 76 ft

Fort Peck Lake is positioned in Montana, and it was designed as a reservoir and dam system that might assist with the navigation of the Missouri River. This river was constructed from 1933 till 1940, and the reservoir first reached its capability in 1947. This space is a vacationer attraction that’s fashionable for mountaineering and different sports activities.

17. Selawik Lake

The 20 Largest Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Selawik Lake is close to the Pacific Ocean

USFWS / pixnio – License

Space Size Depth
404 sq mi 31 miles No Information

Situated in Alaska, Selawik Lake is the third-largest lake within the huge state. It’s positioned within the north-western part of Alaska, virtually on the Pacific Ocean. This lake is close to the Selawik Nationwide Wildlife Refuge.

16. Pink Lake

1653682318 659 Land of Lakes The 20 Largest Lakes in Minnesota - August 9, 2022
Pink Lake’s identify comes from a translation that means the water was purple

Andrew Filer / Artistic Commons – License

Space Size Depth
430 sq mi 20 mi 270 ft

This lake is positioned within the north a part of Minnesota, and it’s positioned fully inside the Pink Lake Indian Reservation. Apparently, the lake is definitely separated into two sections by a peninsula, however it doesn’t utterly lower throughout the center, so that is nonetheless a single lake. Pink Lake is understood for its vast number of fish dwelling in it.

15. Lake St. Clair

1654012006 367 The 20 Largest Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Lake St. Clair shares a shoreline with the U.S. and Canada Sevald

Space Size Depth
440 sq mi 26 mi 27 ft

Lake St. Clair is related to different massive our bodies of water just like the Detroit River and Lake Erie in addition to the St. Clair River. The lake spans each Michigan and Ontario, so it’s positioned each within the U.S. and Canada.

14. Becharof Lake

10 of the Most Incredible Alaska Lakes Out of the - August 9, 2022
Becharof Lake is a really deep lake within the southern peninsula of Alaska

USFWS / pixnio – License

Space Size Depth
453 sq mi 37 mi 600 ft

Situated on the peninsula of Alaska, Becharof Lake was found within the 18th century. It turned a part of america in 1867. Though it’s the 14th largest lake in america by space, it’s the 8th largest lake by quantity within the U.S. attributable to its nice depth. 

13. Lake Sakakawea

The 10 Largest Man Made Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Lake Sakakawea is a reservoir, a man-made lake to comprise water

Equipment Leong/

Space Size Depth
480 sq mi 178 mi 180 ft

This lake is a man-made development positioned fully in North Dakota. This reservoir was made in 1953, and it’s the second-largest man-made lake within the U.S. Immediately, the lake is a well-liked space for individuals to camp, boat, hike, and fish. It’s managed by numerous businesses, together with the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

12. Lake Champlain

1654012007 841 The 20 Largest Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Lake Champlain is a lake that’s rife with historical past

Mark Castiglia/

Space Size Depth
514 sq mi 107 mi 400 ft

Lake Champlain is a pure lake that extends into New York and Vermont within the U.S. and Quebec in Canada. This lake has been the location of historic moments such because the Battle of Valcour Island and the Conflict of 1812. The water serves as an space of transit for items and other people through rail crossings in addition to a ferry.

11. Lake Pontchartrain

1653571419 41 Discover Where the Mississippi River Should REALLY End Hint Its - August 9, 2022
This lake is usually identified for the levee breaches in 2005

Mark Runde/

Space Size Depth
631 sq mi 40 mi 65 ft

Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain is a pure and brackish lake attributable to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. The lake turned well-known throughout Hurricane Katrina when a number of of its levees had been breached as a result of immense energy of the storm. The results of the breach are nonetheless being felt at the moment, and the lake suffered extreme air pollution. 

10. Lake Okeechobee

1654012007 807 The 20 Largest Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Florida’s inland sea is one other identify for this huge, shallow lake

Allison Michael/

Space Size Depth
662 sq mi 36 mi 12 ft

This lake known as Florida’s inland sea due to its vital measurement that reaches upwards of 700 sq. miles when plentiful water is current within the ambiance. Though this lake may be very massive, it’s not very deep, averaging about 12 ft in depth all through. Sadly, this lake has suffered enormously from the presence of poisons from hazardous runoff.

9. Lake Oahe

1653803217 405 The 10 Largest Man Made Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Lake Oahe is one other man-made lake, and this one goes from North Dakota into South Dakota


Space Size Depth
685 sq mi 231 mi 205 ft

Lake Oahe is a reservoir on the Missouri River, and it’s lengthy sufficient that it spans between North Dakota and South Dakota. The lake is a major leisure space with many fishers coming to the world. The lake is at the moment in the midst of numerous authorized fits due to the Dakota Entry Pipeline that’s purported to have a piece run beneath the lake.

8. Iliamna Lake

1654012007 455 The 20 Largest Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
This lake is the third-largest positioned fully inside america


Space Size Depth
1,014 sq mi 77 mi 144 ft

The Iliamna Lake is positioned in Alaska, and it’s the third-largest lake contained fully inside america. The lake is understood in native legends for being the house of a supposed monster, and it’s additionally a preferred fishing spot. The lake is pure and it’s within the southern space of Alaska, virtually close to the peninsula.

7. Lake of the Woods

Land of Lakes The 20 Largest Lakes in Minnesota - August 9, 2022
Picture Wanted: This lake has a elaborate identify, and solely a portion of it’s within the U.S.

Space Size Depth
1, 679 sq mi 68 mi 210 ft

The Lake of the Woods splits the land between Minnesota and elements of Canada, and the overwhelming majority of it’s in Canada. This space is house to the Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Membership in addition to quite a lot of recreation seekers. The lake is house to a number of dams and offers ingesting water to Winnipeg.

6. Nice Salt Lake

1653160848 63 9 Saltwater Lakes From Across the World One is in - August 9, 2022
This salty lake has been shrinking lately attributable to huge droughts

Bella Bender/

Space Size Depth
2,117 sq mi 75 mi 33 ft

The Nice Salt Lake is positioned fully within the state of Utah, and it’s identified for its excessive degree of salinity. Actually, this water is way saltier than ocean water. At the moment, the lake has shrunk considerably owing to droughts in its tributaries. The lake has a novel ecosystem with many animals dwelling within the space.

5. Lake Ontario

Biggest of the Great Lakes Ranking them From Largest to - August 9, 2022
That is the smallest of the Nice Lakes by floor space Nunes

Space Size Depth
7,340 sq mi 193 mi 801 ft

Spanning the area between New York and Ontario, Lake Ontario is likely one of the Nice Lakes. It’s the one one of many Nice Lakes to not have a shoreline from Michigan. A enjoyable truth about Lake Ontario is that the phrase comes from the Huron and means “Nice Lake”. So, this Nice Lake is itself named “Nice Lake.”

4. Lake Erie

1653168289 716 Americas Most Extreme Lakes - August 9, 2022
Lake Erie is understood for its wild climate


Space Size Depth
9,910 sq mi 241 mi 210 ft

The fourth-largest lake in america is one other one of many Nice Lakes. Lake Erie has shorelines in numerous elements of Canada, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Michigan. The lake is understood for being in a location with frequent thunderstorms that make traversing the lake considerably harmful. The lake is understood for its quite a few lighthouses, too.

3. Lake Michigan

1653891202 592 The 12 Largest Freshwater Lakes in the World - August 9, 2022
Lake Michigan has 12 million individuals dwelling alongside its banks in numerous cities


Space Size Depth
22,300 sq mi 307 mi 922 ft

Lake Michigan is the second-largest of the Nice Lakes by quantity, however the third-largest lake in america by space. This lake has shorelines with Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. It has 12 million individuals dwelling in cities alongside its banks.

2. Lake Huron

1653032933 996 10 Incredible Lakes in Northern Michigan - August 9, 2022
Lake Huron is a big lake that’s related with Lake Michigan

EB Journey Images/

Space Size Depth
23,000 sq mi 206 mi 276 ft

One other Nice Lake, Lake Huron solely shares a shoreline in Michigan and Ontario, Canada. The lake is usually known as one entity with Lake Michigan, referred to as Lake Michigan-Huron. Nevertheless, many individuals haven’t adopted this definition though the 2 lakes share water stream. 

1. Lake Superior

1653032933 701 10 Incredible Lakes in Northern Michigan - August 9, 2022
Lake Superior has 10% of the world’s floor contemporary water

Elena Elisseeva/

Space Size Depth
31, 700 sq mi 381 mi 1,333 ft

Lake Superior is the biggest lake in america. This lake shares shorelines with Michigan, Minnesota, and elements of Ontario. This lake is understood for holding 1/10th of the Earth’s floor contemporary water; it’s huge. The lake’s most depth is over 1,000 ft!

What’s the Largest Lake within the World?

The biggest lake on the earth is the Caspian Sea. Though this lake is brackish and has been referred to as a sea, it meets the definition of a lake.

What’s the Largest Lake Contained Totally in america?

The biggest lake contained fully in america is Lake Michigan as a result of it doesn’t share a shoreline with some other nation.

What’s the Deepest Lake in america?

Lake Superior is the deepest lake in america, averaging a number of hundred ft of depth but additionally reaching 1,300 ft or extra at its biggest depth.

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