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The 6 Energetic Volcanoes in Hawaii

Volcanoes appear to be a distant actuality, not one thing that would have an effect on us right here nowadays. However the feeling is deceptive as a result of volcanoes rumble to life recurrently. In reality, the islands of Hawaii presently have six energetic volcanoes. The string of islands was really shaped from volcanoes over time, lots of which are actually dormant.

In Hawaii, it’s regular to stroll over the sleeping giants, because the volcanoes shaped the islands’ lands and gave them substance. Volcanoes are a uncooked instance of nature’s energy. The islands of Hawaii are a manifestation of that energy, all being totally shaped from underwater volcanoes that slowly merged upward to create the land they now occupy. We’ll delve into the 6 energetic volcanoes in Hawaii and reply some fundamental questions on these residing bits of historical past.

The Six Energetic Hawaiian Volcanoes 

Haleakalā of Maui is without doubt one of the 6 energetic volcanoes in Hawaii


Hawaii is an archipelago together with eight main islands. The Island of Hawai’i itself, usually referred to as “The Large Island,” accommodates essentially the most of energetic volcanos of any of the islands. There are 15 primary volcanoes in Hawaii, however 6 of them are energetic. The 6 energetic volcanoes in Hawaii are:

  • Haleakalā
  • Hualālai
  • Kama‘ehuakanaloa
  • Kīlauea
  • Mauna Kea
  • Mauna Loa

Not all of those volcanoes have erupted in recent times. Mauna Kea final spewed out magma 4,000 to six,000 years in the past and reclaimed the earth with its dense materials. Mauna Loa, nonetheless, is the most important volcano on earth and erupted as lately as 1984. That volcano, together with Kīlauea, which erupted in 2021, are the 2 most energetic and well-known volcanoes in Hawaii, primarily as a result of they make up the primary Island of Hawai’i and are so sturdy. Earlier than we focus on the 6 energetic volcanoes in Hawaii, let’s first describe the 5 primary kinds of volcanoes.

Sorts of Volcanoes

1654037625 606 The 6 Active Volcanoes in Hawaii - August 12, 2022
There are 5 totally different primary kinds of volcanoes


It’s important to know several types of volcanoes to debate the primary energetic volcanoes in Hawaii. This fashion, you possibly can image the volcanoes and higher perceive their relation to the world.

  1. Cinder Cone Volcanoes: These volcanoes are constructed up of the pyroclastic fragments they shoot whereas erupting. They develop upward and have a dip like a bowl for a crater.
  2. Advanced Volcanoes: These volcanoes are inclined to type over one other, smaller kind of volcano. Over time, the volcano’s vent can shift after which a posh volcano varieties.
  3. Composite/Strato-Volcanoes: These volcanoes develop when lava escapes totally different areas and stretches the volcano outward. Older volcanoes are sometimes strato-volcanoes as a result of they take hundreds of years to develop.
  4. Protect Volcanoes: These volcanoes are smaller and unfold additional outward because the lava erupts and stretches their area; these are the commonest kind of volcanoes.
  5. Spatter Cone Volcanoes: SImilar to cinder cone volcanoes spatter cones are shaped up of the items they erupt. However as a substitute of free pyroclastic fragments, there are bits that develop into welded collectively from the warmth that construct up on high of each other.


1654037625 994 The 6 Active Volcanoes in Hawaii - August 12, 2022
Haleakalā, pronounced “hah-le-ah-kah-lah,” is a defend volcano situated on the island of Maui Lallo

Haleakalā, pronounced “hah-le-ah-kah-lah,” is a defend volcano situated on the island of Maui. Its identify means “Home of the Solar.” Of the 5 volcanoes on the island of Maui, that is the one one that’s dormant and never lifeless. It’s believed that this volcano erupted round 400-600 years in the past. Whereas dormant now, it may erupt once more at any time. Haleakalā is a defend volcano that pushes lava outward and over the lands. That’s what number of islands are shaped, they begin out as defend volcanoes and construct up over hundreds of years. 

You possibly can go to this beautiful volcano inside a Nationwide Park. It’s a couple of 4-hour drive as much as the tippy high, and it’s extremely value it to go to this stunning sleeping large. The Nationwide Park web site boasts an attractive stroll by sub-tropical rainforests up the mountain, which is one option to witness the pure great thing about the island of Maui.


1654037625 877 The 6 Active Volcanoes in Hawaii - August 12, 2022
The Hualālai mountains will be seen within the background from a cinder cone on the summit of Mauna Kea

This volcano appears to rule by the facility of threes as it’s the third most energetic volcano amongst this chain, and likewise the third youngest. There are three recorded eruptions from it within the final 1,000 years. Hualālai, pronounced “Hua-l-a-lai,” erupted in 1801. Greater than 200 years have handed since then, so wouldn’t you suppose it’s due for an eruption. The final eruption had lava spooling out into the ocean, and it’s now beneath the Kona Worldwide airport.

This volcanoes identify means “to glitter or shine,” and it’s simple to see the way it could possibly be seen as glowing or shining beneath a setting solar with lava flowing. It’s one other instance of a defend volcano. Since it’s so younger, it’s nonetheless a defend volcano, however it may possibly develop and alter over time. It’s assured to develop and merge in some unspecified time in the future, however scientists can’t precisely predict when that can occur.

Mountaineering and excursions are allowed on Hualālai, although individuals usually select the opposite well-known volcanoes to traverse. There’s a hidden loveliness in taking the trail much less traveled, so those that select to be close to this volcano won’t be dissatisfied.


Underwater Volcano Activity Island of Flores in Indonesia
Volcanic gasoline bubbles rise from the ocean flooring

Ethan Daniels/

One other good volcano we have to have a look at is Kama‘ehuakanaloa (previously Loihi), situated beneath the ocean waters. This underwater volcano is close to one other one we will likely be referred to as Mauna Loa. 

All volcanoes begin deep beneath floor, lots of them underwater. Their eruptions over hundreds of years develop them up and past, forming landmasses. Not all mountains had been initially volcanoes, however many are, and it’s fascinating to think about.

Kama‘ehuakanaloa is without doubt one of the most energetic volcanoes on this planet. You simply don’t see it as a lot as a result of it’s greater than two miles beneath the water. There are three craters for this volcano and presumably a protracted magma part beneath them.

Final identified to erupt in 1996, this volcano had its identify modified from Loihi seamount to its indigenous identify of Kama‘ehuakanaloa, mostly known as Kanaloa. It means “youngster of the ocean” referring to it being an undersea volcano.


1653645472 726 How Many Volcanoes are in Hawaii - August 12, 2022
Kīlauea is essentially the most energetic volcano on this planet Palmisano

Kīlauea is without doubt one of the high two energetic volcanoes in Hawaii, situated on the Island of Hawai’i. It’s thought that Kīlauea is essentially the most energetic volcano on earth. Kīlauea is pronounced “kee-lou-ey-ah” and means “spewing” since it’s consistently spewing molten rock from its many orifices.

The volcano Kīlauea has been erupting on and off since 1983. It’s often known as a defend volcano, which means it isn’t very tall however extends outward in a defend form with slow-flowing lava. Video from the newest eruption, September 2021, reveals an attractive array of pink and orange strains spilling outward, forming new layers to the defend volcano of Kīlauea.

Kīlauea itself is the youngest volcano among the many islands and is made primarily of the lava move that has come about within the final 1,000 years. Compared, most different volcanoes are constructed up of lava move from 4 thousand years in the past or extra.

This consistently erupting volcano has greater than twenty craters. To see it from above, the pink strains of lava crisscrossing over the outdated blackened floor is magical.

Mauna Kea

1654037625 948 The 6 Active Volcanoes in Hawaii - August 12, 2022
Mauna Kea is the very best volcano on the Large Island of Hawaii

Mason Lake Picture/

Mauna Kea means “white mountain” and refers to the truth that the summit of this magnificent volcano had glaciers atop it after we had our final ice age. That is the very best volcano on the Island of Hawai’i and has not erupted within the earlier 6,000 years.

That is one other defend volcano that has been round for a few years. Starting as an underwater volcano, it’s been slowly rising to assist construct the Island of Hawai’i and take its title because the tallest volcano on the island.

The summit of Mauna Kea will be visited, however the observatories are usually not presently open to the general public as of 2022. This volcano can solely be traversed through the daytime as it’s so giant and will develop into harmful to navigate at evening.

Mauna Kea extends 6000 ft beneath sea degree and 4000 ft above, a implausible feat for a defend volcano. Regardless that it doesn’t seem like the tallest above floor, its roots are deep beneath us.

Mauna Loa

1654037625 130 The 6 Active Volcanoes in Hawaii - August 12, 2022
You possibly can go to and stroll to the summit of energetic volcano Mauna Loa

Final, however definitely not least, is Mauna Loa, overlaying half of the main Hawaii island. It has erupted 33 occasions since 1843 and is without doubt one of the most energetic volcanoes on Earth. Each eruption units an attractive tableau on Hawaii, each terrifying and delightful all of sudden.

Most of this volcano is roofed in lava flows in more moderen years. Being energetic means this volcano is sort of well-known. Strolling or biking up and round Mauna Loa and its summit is feasible. There’s at all times a slight danger that it may start to erupt, which is a part of the thrill.

Mauna Loa stands for “lengthy mountain,” which is as a result of it’s a protracted unfold out mountain, as are most defend volcanoes.

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes Nationwide Park

Hawaii's Volcano National Park - Kamokuna ocean entry
Kīlauea and Mauna Loa energetic volcanoes are on the coronary heart of Hawaiʻi Volcanoes Nationwide Park

jo Crebbin/

Hawaii Island accommodates the Hawaiʻi Volcanoes Nationwide Park. Kilauea and Mauna Loa are the energetic volcanoes featured right here. These volcanoes, together with all the remaining, deliver a sure fierce allure to the islands of Hawaii. Over hundreds of years, they’ve grown, destroyed, and birthed lands and civilizations. Witnessing this nice act of each destruction and rebirth is awe-inspiring, and also you’d be remiss to not take the prospect to view an eruption in case you have it.

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