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The 7 States with the Most Lakes

The 5 Nice Lakes of America are well-known. Not solely do they account for 21% of the earth’s floor freshwater by quantity, however they’re additionally the most important group of freshwater lakes on the earth.

America is residence to thousands and thousands of different lakes. Out of the identified 304 million lakes on the earth, the USA accommodates over 240. These lakes cowl a minimal floor space of 10 sq. miles every and are identified for his or her freshwater properties. They function water sources, leisure spots, and even sources of earnings. These lakes are unfold inconsistently among the many USA’s 50 states.

On this article, we’ll dive into the world of lakes- pun supposed. Listed here are the 7 states with essentially the most lakes.


Alaska is situated within the northwestern nook of North America. It has over 3 million unnamed lakes!

The State of Alaska, typically known as ‘The Nice Land,’ is situated within the northwestern nook of North America. It’s simply the most important state within the U.S., spanning an space of 6,663,268 sq. miles. Alaska is understood to have greater than 3,000 named lakes. This quantity pales compared to the three million unnamed ones within the state!

The most important lake in Alaska is Lake Iliamna which has an space of greater than 1,600 sq. miles. Though lots of Alaska’s lakes are frozen all yr, Alaskans like to fish and are specialists at fishing of their icy lakes. The state has numerous fish species. You possibly can anticipate to identify king salmon, chum salmon, yelloweye rockfishes, Pacific halibut, and lots of extra.


1653935141 240 The 15 Biggest Lakes in Wisconsin - August 20, 2022
Wisconsin is situated within the Midwestern U.S. and accommodates greater than 15,000 lakes.

Sean Pavone/

Wisconsin is a state of 5.8 million folks and is understood for its lakes and dairy. It’s also residence to a number of endangered species equivalent to Higgins’ eye pearly mussels, northern long-eared bats, Karner blue butterflies, and whooping cranes. The state has greater than 15,000 lakes however solely 40 % of them are massive sufficient to have names.

Lake Winnebago is the most important lake within the state. The lake is 10 miles huge, 30 miles lengthy, and spreads throughout 137,708 acres. Different lakes on this state are vacationer nests as a result of they’re identified for his or her Native American tradition, in addition to fishing and snowmobiling. Some widespread species of fishes in Wisconsin’s lakes are sturgeon, muskies, northern pike, and smallmouth basses. Among the states’ widespread lakes are Geneva Lake, Lake Superior, Inexperienced Lake, and Lake Monona.


1653682319 221 Land of Lakes The 20 Largest Lakes in Minnesota - August 20, 2022
Minnesota is called the ‘Land of 10000 Lakes’. It’s bordered by Canada and Lake Superior.

Minnesota is a midwestern U.S. state bordered by Canada and Lake Superior, which is the most important of the 5 Nice Lakes within the U.S. Minnesota is understood for its forests and lakes. It’s generally known as the ‘Land of 10,000 lakes.’ It’s because the state is recorded to include 11,842 lakes, together with Lake Itasca, which primarily feeds the more-famous Mississippi River.

The most important lake in Minnesota is Lake Superior which spans an space of greater than 30,000 sq. miles and extends into Wisconsin. Minnesota’s lakes are full of varied fish species equivalent to walleyes, basses, rainbow trout, northern pikes, brooks, muskellunge, and lots of different species. The State of Minnesota is culturally wealthy and naturally lovely. There are climbing trails, museums, and historic websites that inform the story of Minnesota and its folks. For nature lovers, it’s an exquisite state to take a trip in.


Lake Michigan
The State of Michigan accommodates about 10,000 lakes that span 5 acres or larger.

Frederick Millett/

Michigan is situated within the higher midwest a part of the united statesand is recorded to have about 10,000 lakes in addition to essentially the most miles of shoreline within the nation. Its 3,288-mile shoreline signifies that the state accommodates many seashores and lakes. Michigan’s waters are residence to numerous threatened and endangered species equivalent to Redside daces.

Huron Lake is the most important lake within the state of Michigan with an space of 45,300 sq. miles. It’s situated between Ontario and Michigan. The lake is residence to numerous fish species equivalent to pumpkinseed fishes, yellow perches, rainbow smelts, and lots of extra.


Lake George
The State of Florida is situated between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. It accommodates over 30,000 lakes.

Florida is nearly synonymous with fishing. The southeastern U.S. State is called the ‘Fishing Capital of the World’ and that is due to its positioning and administration. Florida is a southeastern U.S. State, on the tip of North America. It’s located between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico and has a whole lot of miles of seashores and over 30,000 lakes. As a result of the state is managed amazingly nicely, its assets will not be depleted.

Lake Okeechobee is Florida’s largest lake. With a floor space of 1,175 sq. miles, it’s also the fourth largest pure lake in America. A few of Florida’s rarer fishes are shortnose sturgeons, Atlantic sturgeons, and Atlantic loggerhead turtles.


The 10 Most Snake Infested Areas in the US - August 20, 2022
Texas has over 7,000 lakes and curiously, solely a small share are naturally occurring.

Texas is understood to include over 7,000 lakes. Though most of those lakes will not be naturally occurring, it’s nonetheless fairly a tremendous quantity. As you most likely know, fishing is a crucial a part of Texas. The Texas saltwater leisure fishery alone has about 1.2 million fishermen.

Lake Caddo is Texas’ largest pure lake stretching out throughout 25,400-acres of land. It has greater than 70 fish species. They embrace crappie, black and temperate basses, catfish, sunfishes, bullheads, suckers, gar, carp, and lots of extra! The lake can be residence to alligators and different wild animals, so swimming in it’s a dangerous thought.


Longest Rivers in California - Kern River
There are 3,000 named lakes in California.


California is understood for its mesmerizing seashores and lakes. It’s also identified for browsing. The State of California has 3,000 officially-named lakes. Lake Tahoe, which has a floor space of 191 sq. miles, is its largest pure lake.

Like the numerous lakes in California, water sports activities and fishing are fairly widespread. The state can be residence to many desirable marine life kinds together with sea otters, grey whales, killer whales, elephant seals, sea lions, and lots of extra. California’s  freshwater lakes assist an ecosystem of flathead catfish, lake trout, smallmouth bass, noticed bass, black crappie, walleye, and different fish species.  

California can be residence to a variety of widespread vacationer points of interest, one in every of it’s hottest being the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge throughout the one-mile strait that connects San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It’s the tallest and longest suspension bridge on the earth!

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