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The Best Nightlife in Phoenix

The Best Nightlife in Phoenix – Part.1 

Where are the best places to have fun in Phoenix? There are many hotspots, but most of them are concentrated in Scottsdale and Tempe.

The Best 5 Nightlife in Phoenix – Part.2

Phoenix is a popular spot for many people to go to experience the nightlife. The city has a couple of main areas that are great for nightlife and those are Scottsdale and Tempe. There are also other spots like Chandler, Glendale, and surrounding areas with their own flavor.


The Best Nightlife in Phoenix

Phoenix has a number of places for live music. The Van Buren at the corner of Central & Van Buren is a great option for those with budget constraints.

The venue offers a variety of different types of shows from rock to jazz to comedy and more. It also offers the perfect place for your next event or party.

The Van Buren and its sister venue Crescent Ballroom have helped to bring a long list of nationally touring artists. The new venue is located in the former home of the Phoenix Motor Company dealership and they’ve done a lot to rehab it and preserve its history.


The Best Nightlife in Phoenix

Phoenix is known for its live music. One venue that has continued to keep the city thriving is the Nash – a “live music haven” with jazz performances every night of the week. Whether you prefer swing, bossa nova, traditional jazz, or any other genre that’s in heavy rotation these days, they’ve got you covered on every level. Jazz in AZ is a nonprofit organization that promotes the culture of jazz. They own and operate a venue.

The folks at The Nash are not messing around! Judging from the crowds of attendees, their mission to give the community an interesting new music venue is working. This also proves that they host many events and educational programs, like BYOB rules.


The Best Nightlife in Phoenix

You’ve got yourself one of the top Phoenix music venues with a cozy atmosphere, a diverse lineup of live artists, and an emphasis on blues & jazz. Attendance is never low at this popular blues venue and their jukebox only offers a limited selection of tunes. But if you’re a blues lover or get in the groove, it’s where jazz meets dance beats and classic raw-edged music.

Try one of the live blues bands playing here – you’re bound to find one with a sound that will leave your soul satisfied The Theatre District Mingle with the crowds of the Theatre District. Try one of the live blues bands playing here – you’re bound to find one with a sound that will leave your soul satisfied The Hard Rock Cafe Trying one of the live bands playing here will fill your soul with satisfaction.


The Best Nightlife in Phoenix

Char’s House for the Blues is a great place to see live music. With an unpretentious atmosphere and good food, you won’t regret coming out to hear some amazing music! A varied audience visits the club nightly, chowing down on some basic food such as appetizers and munching on sweets.

They can also hang out at the pool table between sets, watching the live music go by. It’s one of the city’s best venues for live music for sure! Live music is everywhere here, at all times of the day. There is live music every single night of the week with some of Toronto’s most active venues.


The Best Nightlife in Phoenix

Some people may find it difficult to refer to a basement as a “cool” location but Valley Bar is uncommon in Phoenix. A cool spot in the heat, at least. The bar is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, just off Monroe and Central Avenue, and features lots of original woodwork and clean, hip decor. Arcade games, drinks, and live music are all found in one place at The Rose Room. Here you can catch your favorite team along with friends to watch the game on one of the many HD televisions.

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