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The Grand Canyon in the USA

The Grand Canyon in the USA

The Grand Canyon: arguably the most famous and legendary western park in the world. It is true that this Grand Canyon, dug by Colorado is gigantic. 450km long, between 5.5 and 30km wide, and more than 1300m deep. You will be able to see the Grand Canyon either by its South rim: the best known and the most developed. Or by its northern shore: more “lost” (more than 100km from any city) and therefore much less touristy and much more difficult to access. No road connecting the 2 shores. We will talk to you here only about the South shore, the one we made.


O U V E R T T O U T E L ‘ A N N E E

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open year-round. (the north shore closes from November to May due to snow). In winter it can be very cold in Grand Canyon (negative temperatures). But this season will allow you to see the Grand Canyon under the snow. In summer, temperatures are warmer, reaching more than 30° in the middle of the day. The Grand Canyon plateau being located at 2100m d’altitude, you can get a little chilly once the sun goes down in the summer. On the other hand, if you go down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, expect to take + 10° and a blazing sun.



As with all American parks, a car is essential. However, there are free shuttles at inside the park. This allows you to access different points of view and move from one point to another very easily, and without struggling to find parking.

The Grand Canyon is part of the Beautifull Pass. (Pass valid for 1 year, $80, to be purchased during your 1st visit to an American national park).

At the entrance to the park, the ranger will give you a map and documents. Don’t hesitate to stop by the Visitor Center for any further information.


M  O  T  E  L – C  A  M  P  I  N  G

To sleep in hard: You will find several lodges inside the park. However, you have to book at least 6 months in advance. But at the entrance to the park, in Tusayan, you will also find many motels.

If you are a camping enthusiast: only one Mather campground is located in the park. It is on reservation in the summer (6 months before). Otherwise, there is a campsite, le Ten- X which operates at 1st come, 1st served » 5km before the entrance to the park. However, you have to get there in the morning to hope to have a place in the middle of summer.

Finally, inside the park you will find restaurants, souvenir shops, general store… But also showers and laundries near the campsiteavailable to everyone for $2.


At Grand Canyon, you are there to see the Grand Canyon! Many landscaped viewpoints are therefore to be done. Most if you are a little sporty, like walking and steep walks, then descend down the Grand Canyon to Colorado.


It is from the Grand Canyon Village area that you will see the Grand Canyon best. From here you will have access to many viewpoints, giving you different views of the Canyon. A shuttle system (red shuttle) will drop you off at each viewpoint. But you can also do the same route on foot by taking part of the Rim trail. The Rim trail is a path that runs along the entire Grand Canyon, very well laid out, easy and pleasant. But its most interesting and fun part to do is the western part, between Grand Canyon Village at Hermitage Rest (end of the road). This portion, which takes you to the most beautiful viewpoints, is 12.5 km long. But you can stop anytime and take the shuttle.

In the Visitor Center area, you will also have other views of the Grand Canyon. You will have access to it by taking the orange shuttles, or on foot via the Rim Trail.



It’s a great experience to have. And above all, it will allow you to have exceptional panoramas of the Grand Canyon. Attention before embarking on a hike in the Grand Canyon: the outward journey will always seem easy to you because it is downhill on easy and laid out paths. But you have to think about the return: suddenly go up, after several hours of walking and under a blazing sun because little shade. So you have to know when to stop and turn around at the right time. Also, bring lots of water because there are few places to refuel and eat. And don’t overestimate yourself, especially if you’re not used to hills

The Grand Canyon in the USA - June 25, 2022

Here are the different trails available to you to descend into the Grand Canyon:

1) le Bright Angel Trailhead.

Hike that starts from Grand Canyon Village and descends to the bottom of the Colorado. You don’t have to go all the way down and the Rangers offer you different alternatives depending on your level and the time you have.

2) le South Kailab Trail.

Path that also goes down to Colorado, but that starts from the Visitor Center sector. Same, you stop when you want and turn back. In our opinion, this path offers better views of the Grand Canyon than the beginning of the Bright Angel Trailhead. Be careful, there is no water point to refuel on this path.

But if you are very athletic we advise you to do the loop. Start by the Bright Angel Trailhead, then take the River Trail which runs along the Colorado and go up by the South Kaibab Trailhead. Due to its difficulty (26km and 1400m of elevation), this hike is normally done over 2 days with an overnight stay at Angel Campground (on the edge of the Colorado). Attention, to be able to sleep at the campsite, you must have a backcountry permit. You’ll get it at the Backcountry Information Center before you go. In summer, do it in advance because there is little space and a lot of demand!

Since we couldn’t get a campground permit, and we really wanted to go down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, we did this walk over 1 day. We took 8 hours. We loved this hike, which offered us the most beautiful panoramas of this gigantic Canyon. However, this difficult course is not recommended for everyone.

Grand Canyon National Park Map - Hiking

Carte du Grand Canyon National Park


The Grand Canyon is truly an awe-inspiring sight. Whether by its gigantic size or by the color gradients of the different layers of rock, you will be amazed. Obviously we advise you to hike there and if possible to go down to Colorado. Already you will see fewer people and above all exceptional panoramas. Finally, don’t miss a sunset over the Grand Canyon, making the colors even more beautiful.



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