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The ten Deepest Rivers within the World

The world’s inhabitants owes a lot of its success to river methods that present water, transportation, and even safety in some circumstances. A few of these rivers are bigger than others and discharge an ideal deal, however they range in depth. A single river can vary from a dozen ft in depth at one level to a number of hundred at one other. Right now, we’re going to have a look at the deepest rivers on this planet, exhibiting you that even the most important rivers will not be all the time the deepest.  

How Are Rivers Made?

The water cycle is important to the formation of rivers.

Rivers type when precipitation in areas with the next elevation gathers to create a stream of water within the type of streams. Ultimately, these streams accumulate into a bigger physique of water like a lake that serves as headwaters. Within the case of the Mississippi River, Lake Itasca is taken into account the river’s supply.

Then, the river continues its stream, gaining water from tributaries alongside the best way. Ultimately, the river reaches its outflow, additionally known as the mouth, which is one other river or the ocean most often. Bigger rivers are likely to type in areas with a historical past of great geological exercise that help within the formation of valleys and basins that result in giant river flows.

What Are the ten Deepest Rivers within the World?

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The Yenisei River basin consists of Lake Baikal, the deepest lake on this planet.


The deepest rivers on this planet are discovered throughout a number of continents. Unsurprisingly, a number of the deepest rivers are among the many longest ones. We’re going to indicate you the depths, areas, and lengths of every of those rivers. By the point we’re completed, you’ll know all of the deepest rivers on this planet.

Remember the fact that these depths will not be constant all through the river’s run. As a substitute, they’re the deepest level discovered on the river.

10. Mississippi River

Mississippi River - New Orleans
The Mississippi River flows via New Orleans on its method out to the ocean.

Sean Pavone/

Depth Location Size
200ft North America 2,340 mi

The Mississippi River is called the second-longest river in america. This huge river bisects america beginning in Minnesota and touring all the way down to New Orleans and reaching the Gulf of Mexico. This deepest a part of the Mississippi River is 200ft deep, and that measurement happens close to the top of the river in Algiers Level.

9. Hudson River

Prettiest Rivers in the United States - Hudson River
The Hudson River is likely one of the prettiest rivers in North America.

Songquan Deng/

Depth Location Size
216ft North America 315 mi

The Hudson River is slightly quick in comparison with most of the others on this record. It runs from New York State till it reaches its outlet within the Higher New York Bay between Manhattan and Jersey Metropolis. The deep valley via which this river runs reaches a depth of 216ft! This river is likely one of the most essential waterways within the U.S. for transportation and crossings.

8. St. Lawrence River

Saint-Lawrence River
St. Lawrence river is a vital waterway for business functions.


Depth Location Size
250ft North America 743.8 mi

The St. Lawrence River is a river that flows from the Nice Lakes in america to the Atlantic Ocean. This river flows northeast from Lake Ontario, forming a border between the U.S. and Canada, and has a mouth on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The river is a vital waterway for business functions, and it has been the location of battles all through historical past.

7. Yellow River

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The Yellow River is a really lengthy river that drains into the Bohai Sea.


Depth Location Size
262ft Asia 3,395 mi

The Yellow River is likely one of the longest rivers in the complete world, and it’s often called some of the essential waterways in China. The abundance supplied by this river allowed China’s civilization to flourish. Many hydroelectric dams have been constructed alongside the size of this river, and so they assist provide an incredible quantity of energy to the nation.

From a historic and modern-day standpoint, this river may be very vital in addition to very deep, with a portion of the river measuring 262ft in depth!

6. Mekong River

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Mekong River is likely one of the most dammed rivers on this planet.

Mike Towers/

Depth Location Size
300ft Asia 2,703 mi

The Mekong River is a really lengthy physique of water that flows via Laos, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Ultimately, the river lets out within the Mekong Delta within the South China Sea of the Pacific Ocean.

This river helps hundreds of thousands of people in rural areas in addition to cities all through its course. The Mekong River can also be famend for its numerous wildlife.

5. Amazon River

Amazon River
The Amazon River is each lengthy and distant in areas.

Depth Location Size
328ft South America 3,977 mi

The Amazon River is locked in perpetual fight with the Nile River for the title of the longest river on this planet. Relying on the measurements that one accepts, this river would possibly simply be the longest of all of them. One factor is for sure: this river is lengthy and helps a number of the best biodiversity on this planet.

4. Zambezi River

zambezi river
The Zambezi River is essential to agriculture alongside its banks.

Depth Location Size
381ft Africa 1,599 mi

The Zambezi River runs via many international locations in East Africa, offering water and hydroelectric energy to individuals within the space. The river is essential to agriculture alongside its banks, but it surely doesn’t stream via many main cities earlier than reaching its mouth within the Indian Ocean.

3. Danube River

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The Danube River flows via rural and concrete areas.

Depth Location Size
584ft Europe 1,771 mi

The Danube River is understood for being the second-longest river in all of Europe. Nevertheless, extra individuals dwell alongside the banks of this river than on the Volga River, the longest river in Europe. The Danube River flows via cities like Vienna and Budapest. The best depth of this river is 584ft, a major amongst deeper than the Zambezi River.

2. Yangtze River

Yangtze River
The Yangtze River is the third-longest river on this planet.

mark stephens images/

Depth Location Size
650ft Asia 3,915 mi

The Yangtze River is the longest in all of Asia and is third to the Nile and Amazon rivers by way of size. This huge river flows all through China from west to east, ultimately ending within the East China Sea. This river is essential for transportation, energy, agriculture, and extra all through the nation. It is likely one of the most influential rivers in Asia!

1. Congo River

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The Congo River is the second-longest river in all of Africa. Salmon

Depth Location Size
720ft Africa 2,920 mi

The Congo River is the deepest on this planet, measuring 720ft at one portion of its run. This river begins within the Democratic Republic of the Congo and flows via the nation to its mouth within the Atlantic Ocean. The river is legendary for being the one main river to move over the equator twice all through its run.

Figuring out the Deepest Rivers within the World

Pasig River
River depths can change over time and new measurements can turn out to be out there.

MDV Edwards/

The rivers we’ve got listed right here have been measured previously with some certainty. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that deeper rivers could exist as they’ll run a whole lot or hundreds of miles lengthy. Additionally, river depths can change over time.

In different phrases, the record of the deepest rivers on this planet is changeable and could possibly be altered sooner or later! We’ll maintain a lookout for brand spanking new details about river depths all over the world!

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