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The ten Longest Rivers in Canada

Canada is a nation that’s recognized for its huge variety of lakes and rivers. Though this nation just isn’t residence to the longest river on this planet, it does have an entry that cracks the highest fifteen. A few of the rivers and river techniques on this nation are massive. So, we’re going to depend down the ten longest rivers in Canada and present you ways lengthy they’re, the situation of the outflow, and a few attention-grabbing details about every.

The ten Longest Rivers in Canada

Canada is residence to many distant rivers and lakes

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Canada is residence to many rivers that exceed 1,000 miles in size. Nevertheless, the nation solely has a single river that exceeds 2,000 miles. We’re going to discover the ten rivers with the best lengths from begin to end and break down how far they movement and the place they finish.

Only a fast disclaimer: we’re going to incorporate any rivers that primarily movement or finish in Canada on this record and never simply rivers that movement solely in Canada. We’re not going to take away them from the record for dipping into or sharing a border with the US.

10. South Saskatchewan River

South Saskatchewan River
The South Saskatchewan River flows for 865 miles.

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South Saskatchewan River
Size 865 miles
Mouth Saskatchewan River

The South Saskatchewan River is a tributary of the Saskatchewan River. It begins on the Bow Glacier in Alberta and flows for 865 miles earlier than it joins the Saskatchewan River. Though the river does movement solely in Canada, a portion of the river basin is situated in the US!

9. Churchill River

Churchill River
The Churchill River flows into Hudson Bay

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Churchill River
Size 1,000 miles
Mouth Hudson Bay

The Churchill River is legendary for the varied fish species that dwell within the water in addition to the presence of belugas close to the river’s mouth. The headwaters of the river are situated at Churchill Lake. From there, the river flows 1,000 miles out to Hudson Bay in Manitoba. This river is essential to this a part of Canada for the varied hydroelectric developments on the river and is deliberate to be carried out sooner or later.

8. Peace River

Peace River - Canada
The Peace River has headwaters on the Finlay River


Peace River
Size 1,195 miles
Mouth Slave River

The Peace River is one other physique of water in Canada that has a number of current hydroelectric dams and others deliberate for the longer term. This river measures 1,195 miles, stemming from the Finlay River and flowing to the Slave River the place it acts as a tributary. The Peace River is among the rivers that comprise the bigger Mackenize River system as we’ll present you additional down the record.

7. Saskatchewan River

Saskatchewan River
The Saskatchewan River is residence to many varieties of fish

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Saskatchewan River
Size 1,205 miles
Mouth Lake Winnipeg

The Saskatchewan River kinds from the confluence of the North and South Saskatchewan rivers. This river flows eastward by way of Saskatchewan and Manitoba earlier than emptying into Lake Winnipeg. The Saskatchewan River is well-known for the number of fish that dwell inside it in addition to for the hydroelectric stations which have been constructed alongside the river.

The identify of the river comes from a Cree phrase meaning “swift-flowing river.” This space was well-known and useful to members of the First Nations and the primary Europeans that traveled the realm as trappers.

6. Columbia River

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The Columbia River has the most important discharge into the Pacific Ocean of any river

Columbia River
Size 1,243 miles
Mouth Pacific Ocean

The river begins at Columbia Lake in Canada, however numerous the Columbia River flows by way of the US. This river is understood for a lot of issues together with the bountiful fish that dwell within the river in addition to the outflow of the river. Additionally, the Columbia River has the best discharge fee of any river that has a mouth within the Pacific Ocean.

5. Slave River

Slave River - Canada
Slave River runs by way of the Northwest Territory


Slave River
Size 1,453 miles
Mouth Nice Slave Lake

The Slave River’s unfortunate-sounding identify is probably going derived from a First Nations group referred to as the Slavey. The river first begins on the delta fashioned by the Peace River and Lake Athabasca and flows primarily northwest till it reaches its mouth on the Nice Slave Lake. The river is understood all through the world for its difficult and harmful rapids.

4. Nelson River

Nelson River
Size 1,600 miles
Mouth Hudson Bay

The Nelson River is understood for its future, the hydroelectric dams that dot the water, and the big quantity of water that flows by way of the river. Nevertheless, the dams on the river have led to issues with flooding and a few damaging impacts on the water and the encircling land. The river’s supply is Lake Winnipeg, and it continues to movement till it reaches Hudson Bay.

3. Saint Lawrence River

Saint-Lawrence River
The Saint-Lawrence River passes cities like Quebec Metropolis and Montreal.


Saint Lawrence River
Size 1,900 miles
Mouth Gulf of St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence River just isn’t the longest one in Canada, however it might be some of the well-known. This river is very essential for commerce, journey, and plant and animal life. This river’s headwaters are Lake Ontario, and its mouth is within the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The St. Lawrence River permits ships to enter deep into the continent of North America, bringing items to very important cities like Montreal, Toronto, and extra.

2. Yukon River

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The Yukon River flows throughout your complete width of Alaska

Yukon River
Size 1,979 miles
Mouth Bering Sea

The Yukon River’s supply is the Llewellyn Glacier in Canada, however a lot of the river flows by way of Alaska in the US earlier than reaching its mouth, the Bering Sea. The river is essential to First Nations individuals and Native Individuals, each in a gift and historic sense. Efforts are underway to assist scale back air pollution all through the river.

The Yukon River was one of many important arteries for journey in the course of the Klondike Gold Rush. Many cities popped up alongside the banks throughout this time. These days, the Yukon River is understood for being residence to among the most important fisheries for salmon on this planet!

1. Mackenzie River

1653810537 392 The 10 Longest Rivers in Canada - August 9, 2022
The Mackenzie River is an element of a bigger river system that features the Slave, Peace, and Finlay rivers

Mackenzie River
Size 2,635 miles
Mouth The Beaufort Sea within the Arctic Ocean

The Mackenzie River is the longest river in Canada. This river stems from the Nice Slave Lake and flows over 2,600 miles to the Beaufort Sea within the Arctic Ocean. Regardless of being a really massive river, the financial alternatives and hydroelectric potential alongside this river are considerably restricted because of the distant areas it flows by way of.

Curiously, the Mackenzie River is understood for its position in aiding the preliminary human migrations from Asia. The valley might have been the realm that folks have used to search out their approach into the Americas!

The whole Mackenzie River system contains the Mackenzie–Slave–Peace–Finlay rivers and that entire system is used to derive the overall size of the river at 2,635 miles. If we measure simply the primary stem of the Mackenzie, it logs 1,080 miles. Whereas it might seem to be rivers ought to have a single authoritative size, keep in mind that they modify course, there’s debate round the place their headwaters start, and there are completely different strategies for measuring them!

This record of the longest rivers in Canada ought to provide you with an thought of what number of vital rivers exist within the nation. Though not one of the rivers on this record are among the many high 10 largest rivers on this planet, they’re nonetheless very important waterways for commerce, energy era, and wildlife.

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