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This hotel on an exclusive Seychelles island has its very own runway for stargazing

This hotel on an exclusive Seychelles island has its very own runway for stargazing

The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is a resort set on an island with a runway and access to remote jungles. The location also has plenty of wildlife including giant tortoises and they have their lighthouse.

Seychelles is widely popular as a tropical destination with beautiful beaches, white sand, and granite boulders. It is also close to other tourist attractions such as Tanzania and Kenya. This makes it a perfect destination for people who have just finished their safari trip.

This exclusive resort, located on one of the 115 Indian Ocean islands that make up Seychelles, opened in 2018. All flights to the island currently arrive on a 35-minute propeller or private plane flight. However, the runway is also used for take-offs as well. The nature of the runway is perfect for setting up a seaplane landing. In addition to being a favorite of honeymooners and celebrities, the resort also offers exclusive trips for guests.

Seychelles islandOne of the resort’s many unique features includes a stargazing event on the tarmac you land on. When the skies are clear, guests can organize a multicourse meal for two while celestial lights start to emerge. A seafood dinner will be followed by drinks in the private bar, relaxing on beanbags in front of the TV.

You can look through the resort’s telescope – coming soon – at far-off planets and satellites. The resort’s luxury suites include a private swimming pool and a sky-lit terrace with breathtaking views. The suites also come with a personal butler and chef, who assists with everything from arranging activities to food preparation.

Although you will be providing some good tips on meditation at the desk, your content should also focus on other sleep-related topics. This includes a section about when to do yoga in the evening and what mindfulness exercises you should focus on for a better night’s sleep. As part of the resort’s new wellness program, guests have the option to participate in a session of water-inspired mindfulness. They stretch and meditate mindfully as they look on at waves.

Seychelles island

The island of Desroches is a beautiful place where you’ll find endless jungle, pristine beaches, and 71 luxurious villas. The island is right off the beaten path, perfect for those looking for some adventure.

It takes 4-6 hours to stroll around the island and back. When you’re finished with the trek, we’ll supply you with water and snacks. Next, we’ll bring a fruit platter and tropical cocktail to The Bar for your enjoyment.

There are two bars here at the resort – one that offers piña coladas and the other a mix of cocktails. The restaurants are Claudine’s, The Deli, and The Lighthouse. The latter is the highest point and was inspired by the former functioning lighthouse on the north side of the jungle. Today, it’s the restaurant on site.

The Lighthouse Lounge is located in the lighthouse. Guests can start with a signature cocktail and proceed to the top where they can see ocean views or request private dining. The restaurant is at the bottom of the building and offers a raw seafood bar, aged steak, and fresh seafood. The upstairs features sashimi & black cod, as well as homemade ice cream after dinner.

Seychelles island

On Desroches, you might run into a giant tortoise and not a gecko or scrat. The Island Conservation Society’s Tortoise Sanctuary is on the island helping to protect them. There are around 150 Aldabra giant tortoises on the island. and they are the largest tortoises in the world.

The Aldabra Giant Tortoise is estimated to have lived on St. Helena around 100,000 years ago. They are thought to be among the oldest giant tortoises in existence with estimates going back as far as 300 million years ago when they were first discovered on present-day Madagascar, along with a lemur and a crocodile! Desroches has a population of around 100 inhabitants.

There is one economic activity on the island: fishing. Fishing is done using traditional methods with nets, lines, handlines, spears, and hooks. Fishing grounds are located in the South East of the island and up to 60 tons per year can be caught. The water used for fishing is known to be of poor quality but the fish caught are otherwise healthy.

The government of Cyprus has decreed that from 16 October 2011, no more than .50 grams of finfish and shellfish will be allowed to be taken per person per day for recreational purposes. Exceptions may only be made for those on family crests, during natural disasters such as extreme weather or in cases of life-threatening emergencies. Although the fishing industry took a major blow as a result of the decree, it is expected that things will rebound.

Guests can participate in turtle feeding sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. They will be able to hear all about these gentle giants through the Island Conservation Society’s conservation officers and also have a chance to feed them leaves.

Seychelles island

Desroches is a protected nature reserve that also looks after dozens of baby turtles. The company aims to stop the predators from reaching them, so this population can grow and flourish on the island. Guests can come and adopt one pretty easily too!

With their newest property, the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island, friends and families can explore one of the most culturally diverse islands in the world. This five-star boutique resort offers a unique, culture-filled destination coupled with unsurpassed amenities and world-class service.

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