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Tramezzino focaccia: the recipe for the very soft leavened product to be filled after cooking

Tramezzino focaccia: the recipe for the very soft leavened product to be filled after cooking

The sandwich focaccia it’s a very soft salted leavened and stuff after cooking con fresh ingredients such as cold cuts, cream cheese, salad, tomato and grilled vegetables. The flavor of this delicious focaccia is very reminiscent of the classic stuffed sandwich, but it is softer and moist, also ideal for serving to children. To make it we prepared the dough with farina 00, Manitoba flour, latte, fresh brewer’s yeast, extra virgin olive oil, sugar e salemixing everything in a bowl and without kneading. After the leavening phase, the dough will be sprinkled with Sesame seeds and cooked in the oven for about half an hour. At the end of preparation we stuffed the focaccia cream cheese, baked ham e saladbut you can choose the fresh ingredients you prefer or have available: also excellent with tuna fish or smoked salmon. Prepare the sandwich focaccia for a aperitifand buffet or a delicious dinner.

Preferably use one rectangular or square moldso you will be able to cut the sandwich focaccia into very soft squares, ready to serve.

For the surface you can use i poppy seeds instead of sesame seeds or make a mix.


For the dough

Extra virgin olive oil

For the surface

Extra virgin olive oil

For the filling

Extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare the sandwich focaccia

In a bowl, mix the olive oil, milk, sugar, and fresh brewer’s yeast 1.

In another bowl combine the 00 flour and the Manitoba flour 2.

Pour in the oil mixture a little at a time 3 and mix with the electric whisk until the dough is formed.

Add the salt and keep stirring 4.

Transfer the dough to the pan and distribute it over the entire surface with the help of a spatula 5.

Let it rise for 2 hours or until doubled in size 6.

Wet the dough with the olive oil and sprinkle the sesame seeds 7.

Bake at 180 ° C for 35 minutes or until golden brown 8.

Fill the focaccia with cream cheese, cooked ham, salad, olive oil and season with salt 9.

Cut into squares and serve your sandwich focaccia 10.


You can keep the sandwich focaccia already stuffed in the fridge for 1-2 days wrapped in cling film.

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